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'Sickening' Victim of Wexford doorstep flasher says he 'should have gotten jail'

Ignoring pleas from her including "don't be a creep" and "stop following me", Hurley walked with her until she got to her front door.


Brian Hurley

Brian Hurley

Brian Hurley

A FLASHER who repeatedly exposed his penis to a woman while preventing her entering her home "should have gotten jail", his victim told the Sunday World.

Hitting out at a three-month suspended sentence handed down to Wexford flasher Brian Hurley, Caroline O'Leary said it "did not take into account the effect his actions had on me".

She said the only justice open to her now is to speak out about what happened in Wexford town on the night of August 4, 2019, so people will know what Hurley did.

"I should be able to walk home in safety without something like this happening to me," she said.

Hurley (31) had followed Caroline home at 1am after he saw her briefly looking at a tattoo on the side of his face as she passed him.

Ignoring pleas from her including "don't be a creep" and "stop following me", Hurley walked with her until she got to her front door.

"It was a horrible situation," she said. She had spent a short time in town that night having a drink with a friend in a local pub.

"It was dark, I was completely on my own and I didn't know what to do. It was really scary and very intimidating. When we got to my house, I told him to go on home.

"But he insisted that he wanted to come in and began saying all these horrible, disgusting things to me.

"When he exposed himself, I told him straight out: 'You can put that away and you can go home. I don't want to see it; I don't want anything to do with it'."

But instead of leaving, Caroline said Hurley began to grab at her. And even though she was standing at her own front door, she said she was afraid to go inside.

"I was afraid to put the key in the door because I was afraid if I opened it, he'd get inside. He exposed himself another couple of times after that and kept grabbing at me."

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Her ordeal only ended when her sister's boyfriend, who was walking by, came to her aid.

"He came over and asked me if I wanted to go with him and that's what I did," she said.

"No matter how many times I asked him [Hurley] to leave me alone, he wouldn't. But as soon as my sister's boyfriend came along, his attitude completely changed. It's sickening," she said.

She said she rang the gardaí the next Tuesday, as it was a bank holiday weekend, and they used her information to identify him.

Caroline had noted Hurley's clothes and the tattoo on his face and got his first name, although Hurley lied about his second name saying it was 'Colfer.'

She said: "It took ages to get to court and when it did he didn't turn up for the hearing, so a bench warrant was issued."

Hurley was arrested last week and brought before Wexford District Court.

The court heard he had 15 previous convictions, including one for burglary, and was pleading guilty.

His defence solicitor said: "Mr Hurley has offered his sincere apologies and is deeply ashamed of his actions. He was highly intoxicated on the night and can offer no explanation apart from losing control. He has put together a sum of €500 out of remorse for the victim from his very meagre income.

"He has drug and alcohol issues which have been addressed to a degree. This has been weighing heavily on him for a while, although that is not to diminish the impact on the victim who hasn't submitted a victim impact statement."

Judge John Cheatle ordered Mr Hurley to pay the €500 in compensation and sentenced him to three months suspended for 12 months, saying: "This is a scary enough incident for a woman to encounter."

Asked why she hadn't submitted a victim impact statement, Caroline said: "He pleaded guilty so I wasn't required to give evidence and I was told a victim impact statement wouldn't affect the outcome.

"But I do feel now that my voice wasn't heard. I pursued this because I wanted him named and shamed so he wouldn't do it to someone else who wouldn't be able to cope as well as I have.

"I still feel safe walking in Wexford town, but less so than I did - if that make sense.

"I got the windows in the house replaced after this because I was afraid, because he had a history of burglary and I was worried he might come back. Of course, it has affected me and shaken my confidence."

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