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legal showdown US lawyers file papers saying mob boss Daniel Kinahan has been formally served in 'racketeering' lawsuit

The Sunday World revealed in June that agents co-ordinated by lawyer and retired US marine Eric Montalvo, succeeded in formally serving him with a demand to appear before a US court


 Mob boss Daniel Kinahan

Mob boss Daniel Kinahan

Mob boss Daniel Kinahan

Lawyers taking on Daniel Kinahan in a civil dispute over a boxer have filed new legal documents to say the mob boss has been formally served with a racketeering summons in his Dubai bolthole.

The Sunday World revealed in June that agents co-ordinated by lawyer and retired US marine Eric Montalvo, succeeded in formally serving him with a demand to appear before a US court.

Kinahan is accused of racketeering and money laundering, and the claims have been issued as part of proceedings in a high-profile legal wrangle between Heredia Boxing Management and MTK, over Mexican boxer Jo Jo Diaz.


Lawyer and ex-marine Eric Montalvo.

Lawyer and ex-marine Eric Montalvo.

Lawyer and ex-marine Eric Montalvo.

Heredia’s legal team have now amended their complaint to say both Kinahan and MTK have been served in Dubai while, they claim, MTK chief strategy officer Paul D Gibson is in the process of being served via the Hague Service Convention.

The Hague Service Convention is an international treaty that simplifies the process of serving court documents on parties living in another state.

“Defendants MTK Global Sports Management LLC and Mr Daniel Kinahan will be served with a copy of the second amended complaint and restart their time to respond to the operative complaint.

"Mr Paul Gibson will be served the second amended complaint through the Hague Service Convention.”

The amended complaint was filed on July 16th.

Speaking to the Sunday World after Kinahan was served Eric Montalvo said Kinahan tried to avoid being served the summons.

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"They tried to (dodge the summons) but we already got a hold of Kinahan and MTK," Mr Montalvo - who served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan during 21 years in the US Marine Corps - told the Sunday World.

"Daniel Kinahan has been served and MTK as well."

Pressed on the issue of how the summons was served, he said, given his military background: "I have the ability to communicate in a way that most firms cannot, with an existing law firm that understood what needed to happen and could do this on our behalf.

"For most people, trying to find some Dubai law firm to do that would be a Herculean effort.

"Had I not had this relationship, then certainly I would have been up a pole. So, I was fortunate to have established this relationship several years ago.

"And I can assure you that we have written certification of the service being accomplished in accordance with UAE law - and we can act on that."

It is believed the US legal firm arranged for the legal summons against him to be published in one of the Emirate's largest daily papers.

It's understood the advertisement ran on March 18 this year.

Although the advert does not detail the allegations of racketeering and money laundering against the Irish drug trafficker, it gives the number of the case before the California court and warns that a summary judgment will be issued against Kinahan in the event he doesn't reply within 21 days.

Sources said the advert would have been viewed as highly embarrassing for Kinahan in Dubai and the UAE where he holds himself up as a legitimate businessman.

The allegations against Kinahan and MTK are contained in a 32-page filing, submitted to the US District Court in California, in support of a civil suit against the Irish organised crime boss and the company he founded in 2012.

The papers, filed by Mr Montalvo, allege that MTK lured Jojo Diaz away from his contract with Heredia Boxing Management (HBM) by offering him a $100,000 advance on his next prize purse, which "essentially caused Mr Diaz to mortgage his future away".

The papers also allege MTK funded a campaign against HBM to get it to release Diaz as a client.

This included the sending of "threatening" letters and social media posts smearing Heredia.

The claim also alleges Kinahan, who is regarded by gardaí as the head of the Kinahan Organised Crime Group, still controls MTK, and uses fights to launder money from his international drugs trafficking group.

And it accuses MTK and Kinahan of breaching the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations (Rico) Act by using money from organised crime activity. The Rico Act was introduced to tackle organised crime but can be used in civil suits.

MTK, which was founded by Kinahan, wants to become the dominant force in US boxing.

It has repeatedly claimed Kinahan has stepped away from the company.

In a witness statement submitted to the High Court in London, MTK's then CEO Sandra McClumpha said "Mr Kinahan has no interest in (or association with) MTK whatsoever. I deny unequivocally MTK's association with any criminal enterprise."

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