Sleazy pervert who secretly filmed woman using toilet TWICE flushed out as bare-faced liar

A source revealed sicko Mark Gilmore sent his victim ‘desperate messages apologising and admitted he had been trying to film her private parts’

Mark Robert Gilmore is confronted by the Sunday World

Mark Robert Gilmore at his home

Steven MooreSunday World

A sleazy pervert who secretly filmed a woman going to the toilet TWICE has been flushed out as a bare-faced liar.

Last month we revealed how convicted sex offender Mark Robert Gilmore had pleaded guilty to two counts of voyeurism and one count of sexual assault against the same woman.

He is waiting to be sentenced next month.

But when we confronted the 47-year-old, who works at a taxi depot in Ballymena, he claimed he was “harmless” and he’d done nothing wrong.

In fact, he claimed he’d been advised to plead guilty by his defence lawyer who he claimed told him to do so because Gilmore’s version of events was “so unbelievable”.

But we’ve discovered that not only his Gilmore’s version of events unbelievable – it’s a complete lie.

We can reveal Gilmore apologised to his victim in a series of grovelling texts which would have been shown to the judge at Ballymena Magistrates Court last month had he decided to contest the charges.

In one of the voyeurism incidents, Gilmore claimed to this paper he had been filming his toilet because it was broken and he wanted to get it fixed.

He claimed the woman called at his house and asked to use his bathroom, but he forgot that the phone was still running on video mode.

He brazenly told us: “The first video I don’t even remember taking, but I must have done.

"The second one I was taking a video of my toilet because it was broken and I had people coming to stay with me and I needed to get it fixed.

“(Name of woman removed) called in the middle of me filming it and then asked to use the toilet and the phone was still going. She took my phone and ran out the house.”

But we can reveal Gilmore IS a sleazy toilet pervert who most definitely deliberately filmed the woman – not just once, but on two occasions.

A source close to the case has told the Sunday World they couldn’t believe Gilmore’s story to us about the broken toilet.

“Gilmore is a complete chancer trying to put that story out,” said the source. “What he did to that woman was completely deliberate.

“He had the phone hidden in some clothes on a chair in his bathroom and when his victim found it she confiscated it with the intention of alerting the police.

“Gilmore sent her desperate messages apologising and admitted he had been trying to film her private parts.

“In fact he told her he just ‘wanted to see her like that’ and that he wanted to ‘have a piece’ of her.”

The source says if he hadn’t pleaded guilty the texts would have been shown to the court and he would have been completely exposed.

“He shouldn’t be allowed to lie about what he did to that poor woman. He should admit what he did and deal with the consequences rather than trying to make out the victim got the wrong end of the stick.”

As revealed last month, when his victim found the phone she was horrified to discover he had taken a previous video of her going to the toilet.

“What kind of person does that kind of thing?” said the source. “He also sexually assaulted that woman – he kept pinching her bum and trying to kiss her. That’s just not acceptable behaviour.

“Women don’t need to suffer that kind of unwanted treatment. It’s against the law and they should report it.

“This woman has been extremely brave in coming forward to report Mark Gilmore’s disturbing behaviour.

“The fact he’s still telling people he has done nothing wrong is an insult to his victim. She deserves the truth to be out there.”

The Ballymena father of three had been facing five counts of sexual assault and two of voyeurism.

Gilmore was due to go on trial at the town’s Magistrates Court last month but instead, following an application from experienced defence counsel Stephen Law, he changed his plea.

Gilmore confessed to two counts of voyeurism by recording a female doing a private act and one of sexually assaulting the same victim on dates between June 1 2020 and December 4 2021.

While none of the facts surrounding the charges was opened in court, Mr Law revealed “there is an agreed basis of plea” and applied for sentencing to be adjourned to allow time for the probation board to compile a pre-sentence report.

A day after pleading guilty in court, we confronted Gilmore at his home in Ballymena and he said he wasn’t a “bad person” and “didn’t deserve to be vilified in the papers”.

He even said he was innocent and had been left with no choice but to plead guilty.

“My barrister told me if I didn’t plead guilty it could end up being a lot worse because my story was so unbelievable,” he explained to us.

“I don’t agree with the sexual assault charge. There had been 20 incidents which were brought down to just five and in the end up I pleaded guilty to what amounted to hugging and pinching a bum.

“I’m completely harmless, I’m no danger to anyone and now I’m going to be splashed all over the papers. I don’t deserve to be vilified for this. It’s been blown way out of proportion I can’t believe it’s ended up in the courts.

“I was hoping to keep it out of the papers.”

Gilmore, from Princes Street, was ordered to sign the sex offenders register and although granted bail, District Judge Nigel Broderick ordered him back to court on February 2.

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