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Prison term Rugby player who offered a woman a donut and called her a 'fat c***' given one month sentence

Dundalk resident Mike Doyle has vowed to appeal his conviction.


Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle

A rugby player who has been sentenced to one month behind bars after he refused to apologise in court to a woman who alleged he offered her a donut and called her a "fat c***" has said he will "never apologise" and is appealing his conviction.

Mike Doyle, from Mountain Court in Dundalk, was recently given a one-month sentence at Dundalk District Court after he was convicted of engaging in threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour or words at Long Walk Shopping Centre on June 25 2019.

The victim, who is pals with Doyle's former partner and mother of his child, gave evidence that Doyle approached her at the shopping centre with a donut in his hand.

"He intimidated me.

"He said I was a fat…I don't want to say what word. He said he knows where I live and he knows people. I was nervous. I was in fear of my life," she said.

She said she was friends with Doyle's former partner but didn't know him to speak to - but he disputed this when the Sunday World spoke to him this week, saying they had met several times and he previously called her a "fat c***" on a separate occasion.

Another witness who said she didn't know the victim but did know Doyle's former partner, said she was in the shopping centre on the day and overheard the defendant offering the victim a donut and saying: "do you want one of these you fat… so and so."

The witness told the court she heard Doyle saying he was going to "get" the victim.

Doyle, who played rugby with Dundalk RFC, denied making any threats to the woman but said he did offer her a donut and mocked her.

Judge Eirinn McKiernan, who said she was not impressed with Doyle's demeanour and behaviour in court, said she would consider suspending a one-month sentence given Doyle was the father of an eight-year-old girl, but asked Doyle if he wanted to apologise.

He said he would apologise to the court "but I'm definitely not going to apologise to her".

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Doyle was sentenced to one month but was released on bail after his legal team launched an appeal.

He told the Sunday World this week he was still not going to apologise.

"I'm never going to apologise."

While the court found in the victim's favour, Doyle disputes what happened on the day.

"I don't want this blown out of proportion. All it was, was a joke.

"I was getting smart that day and I brought her a donut and I said you look like you need one."

He said he didn't threaten the victim and had previous verbal altercations with her which he described as "tit for tat".

He said while he didn't call her a "fat c***" that day; he did call her a "fat c***" on another occasion when she was with his ex and other people.

"They were all standing together and I called her a fat c***. This was a different time.

"She was just a pain in the a**e... Anytime I said anything to her she'd say something back to me.

"Other times she would say something and I would say something, it was a bit of a laugh."

Doyle denied threatening the victim at the shopping centre and said he asked gardaí to get the CCTV, which he believed would back up his claims, but it was not recovered.

He said he did not see the independent witness who claimed to overhear the conversation on the day and disputed her presence there.

He said he felt the CCTV of the incident at the shopping centre would have assisted him in court.

"That's why I wanted the CCTV. I didn't know who the hell she was. It just so happens she knew my ex and happened to be there that day."

Doyle conceded to the Sunday World that he likely wouldn't have been sentenced to one month behind bars if he had apologised in court.

"I said, I'll apologise to you but I'm not apologising to [the victim]."

He said he made another remark in court which the judge was unimpressed with in relation to the woman saying she was in fear, which he did not believe.

"That's what my lawyer said. He said, she wants you to apologise.

" I got up and said I'll apologise to you but I'm not apologising to [her]. After that I said when women use the words 'in fear' I said men are f***ed. I didn't use those exact words

"[The judge] said something after that but I couldn't hear what she was saying. All of a sudden two guards were standing behind me. I was saying what the f*** is going on."

Doyle said he was looking forward to the appeal.

"Offering someone a donut and saying you look as if you need it, does that really deserve a month in jail? That's what it comes down."

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