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Peace bond Man brandished a wheel brace in street dispute while on drugs


Courtroom: Stock image

Courtroom: Stock image

Courtroom: Stock image

A MAN got a wheel brace from the boot of his car and "ran at" another man when a row on a street in west Dublin escalated, a court has heard.

Wesley Gibbons (41) was under the influence of drugs when he got the tool out and brandished it during the dispute.

He was put on a six-month peace bond for a weapons charge after Blanchardstown District Court heard he had no history of violence.

Gibbons, of Mayfield Court, Clondalkin, pleaded guilty to producing a steel wheel brace in the course of a dispute.

The court heard the incident started at Rowlagh Park, Clondalkin, on July 3 last year, while gardaí were dealing with a separate incident at Rowlagh Avenue.

A garda heard shouting and saw Gibbons get a wheel brace out of the boot of his car.

The accused "ran at a male he was having a verbal dispute with", Garda Sergeant Maria Callaghan told the court.

The garda got into his patrol car and made his way towards the dispute but the accused got into his own car and drove off.

The garda had to remain at the scene because the officer he was with was in another house.

Gibbons returned, shouted at his sister and made threats to men who were also there.

While he had previous convictions, he had no history of violent offences.

There had been no further difficulties since then, Sgt Callaghan said.

The accused had a drug addiction and was under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident.

On the day, Gibbons's sister had been involved in an argument.

"It was a situation where one word borrowed another," defence solicitor Lorraine Stephens said, adding it was not a case where the accused had brought the wheel brace to the scene of the dispute.

This was an implement that was already in the boot of his car, Ms Stephens said.

She asked Judge David McHugh not to fine the accused as he was a licensed security guard and hoped to get back into employment.

Judge McHugh told the court he was satisfied Gibbons, who had gone for treatment, was taking sufficient steps to "conquer his demons, which are ongoing".

As well as the peace bond, he told him to make a €150 charity donation.

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