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Man arrested at gunpoint for doing 190kmh was rushing home to wife for date night

Armed gardai arrested driver at gunpoint and he had 16 missed calls from spouse for being late
Wahaab Raheem was seen weaving in and out of traffic in his bid to get home at high speed

Wahaab Raheem was seen weaving in and out of traffic in his bid to get home at high speed

Alan Sherry

A logistics driver who was convicted of speeding at 190kmh has revealed he was rushing home to meet his wife for a romantic date night - but she ended up furious at him anyway after he was arrested at gunpoint and turned up hours late for dinner.

Wahaab Raheem (41) told the Sunday World that as well as leaving the garda station charged with dangerous driving, he also had to contend with 16 missed calls from his wife, who he said was "still angry" at him.

He was sentenced to three months behind bars and banned from driving for two years after being convicted on two counts of dangerous driving at locations in north Dublin on December 6, 2021.

He appeared at Swords District Court at the end of December where he pleaded guilty to both offences.

The court heard gardai spotted Raheem weaving in and out of traffic at high speed in his Mercedes C250 on the M1 last month, flashing motorists ahead of him and undertaking vehicles that didn't get out of his way.

While he was sentenced to three months in prison, he was in and out of Mountjoy Prison almost as quickly and spent just one night behind bars before being released.

Raheem revealed to the Sunday World this week that the reason he was speeding was because he planned a romantic date night with his wife, and was running late because training he was attending in Balbriggan for a new job ran late.

His efforts to be on-time for their 'date' backfired and she was furious at him after he was hours late because he had been arrested at gunpoint.

He had 16 missed calls from his wife when he was released from custody.

Wahaab Raheem’s Mercedes C250

Wahaab Raheem’s Mercedes C250

"My wife is still angry with me," he said. "I was coming home to my wife. We had a couple's thing.

"We had a plan to have a dinner and a chat so when I checked the time I was like 'woah', so I was rushing home just to make time."

Raheem, of Park Boulevard, French Park, Tyrrelstown, admitted two counts of dangerous driving, at Lissenhall and at Ballymun, on December 6.

Sergeant Patricia McGarrity told Swords District Court that gardai were on patrol when they saw a black Mercedes driving at speed on the M1 motorway southbound near Lusk on December 6.

Sgt McGarrity said Raheem was doing speeds of 190kmh and was weaving in and out between cars.

"He was observed at Lusk and it was nearly Finglas before he stopped," she added.

Raheem told the Sunday World that he was arrested at gunpoint.

"When I was pulled over, I put on my hazard lights and I saw the jeep and [a guard got out and] he was pointing a gun at me. I was like 'woah. I was only trying to go home'."

Armed gardai were involved in the incident as they didn't know why Raheem was driving so dangerously at such high speeds.

An extensive search of his car revealed nothing untoward and they later accepted he was just rushing to meet his wife.

Gardai took Raheem's phone when he was arrested so he had no way to contact his wife until he was released from custody.

"When he stopped me and said you're under arrest, they took my phone and everything. When I got it back, I had 16 missed calls. She was very mad at me that night and at the court as well."

He said his wife started crying when she realised he had been sentenced to jail.

"I don't know if you saw here that night. She was crying. It is what it is. Everybody out there has challenges in life."

The court heard Raheem had two previous convictions and had been disqualified for driving for six months in 2019 but he told the Sunday World he expected a fine rather than jail time.

"I was shocked. I was very surprised."

He was taken from court to Mountjoy Prison.

His wife arrived at the prison the next day with bail money as Raheem was planning to appeal the sentence but the Governor told him he didn't need bail as he was freeing Raheem on temporary release for the remainder of his sentence after learning what offence he had committed.

"I explained myself to the governor and the next morning my wife came with the bail but the governor told her 'he's coming home today'.

"He said I don't have to come back to sign on or for any document and told me to be of good behaviour and not to the pub or club - there is no club anyway - from December to February."

Raheem was also sentenced to a two year driving ban but said he is considering appealing that as he made his living driving for a logistic firm.

He said he pleaded guilty as he knew he was speeding but doesn't think he was going 190kmh.

"I was speeding," he said before pointing to his Mercedes C250 which has a top speed of 250kmh.

"The car is a C250 AMG. If I was doing 190kmh, he wouldn't have been able to stop me. I was probably doing around 160kmh. 190kmh is too bad.

"My work is driving. Without a car there is nothing I can do."

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