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Killer dentist Colin Howell in jailhouse row with neighbour-from-hell ‘Mr Mayhem’

“He kicked off after he left his seat in the church to go to the toilet and when he came back Colin Howell was sitting in his seat,” said a witness.

Peter Brady and Colin Howell

Neighbour from hell Peter Brady

Lesley Howell

Hazel Stewart

Colin Howell

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‘Neighbour from hell' Peter Brady went ‘Howelling’ mad last week after challenging double driller killer Colin Cowell to a jailhouse fistfight, we can reveal.

Brady, dubbed Mr Mayhem by his put-upon neighbours, was remanded in custody two weeks ago after he was caught pouring bleach on their flowers and charged with breaching a restraining order and criminal damage.

This came after the 49-year-old was convicted two months ago of harassing two neighbours and exposing his genitals to another.

And within days of arriving at Maghaberry Prison he’d made a name for himself by winding up inmates and prison wardens alike.

Jailhouse sources say he lived up to his notorious nickname last Sunday when he caused mayhem at the regular morning church service.

And in true Mr Mayhem style – the fracas started over fellow-bible basher Colin Howell pinching his seat!

“He kicked off after he left his seat in the church to go to the toilet and when he came back, Colin Howell was sitting in his seat,” said a witness.

“Mr Mayhem started ranting and raving and shouting abuse at Howell who was completely bemused by his behaviour.

“Mayhem clearly had no idea he was dealing with a convicted double killer but luckily for him Howell got up and moved seats.

“But Mayhem kept on shouting and wanted to fight with Howell. He kept calling him the ‘old grey-haired man’ so he clearly had no idea who Howell was.”

Hazel Stewart

Sources say Colin Howell, who murdered his wife Lesley and his lover Hazel Stewart’s husband, Trevor Buchanan, in May 1991, is a model prisoner and is popular with guards and fellow inmates alike.

But prison wardens were so concerned about his erratic behaviour they set the alarms off at around 11am just before the church service was about to begin.

“He kept going and wardens were concerned he was going to attack Howell so they hit the alarms to call for help.

“They weren’t wise to Mr Mayhem being all bluster and little action and when he continued to rant they called for back-up.”

Lesley Howell

Sadly this is the exact type of behaviour his neighbours have had to put up with for years as Brady regularly kicked off in the street.

Residents of the once quiet area told the Sunday World how Brady would try and goad them into hitting him and often called the police making fake claims of threats or assault.

And according to sources in Maghaberry Prison Brady has been shouting to anyone that is prepared to listen that he plans to return to Bridge Street and cause more trouble when he is able to.

In the tale-of-the-tape Howell versus Mayhem might have been an intriguing match-up but killer Howell is far to wise to be drawn into trouble with someone like Brady.

Ironically had it come to blows residents of Bridge Street have told the Sunday World they would have found themselves in the bizarre position of cheering on the twister double killer!

“Colin is pretty frail these days,” said a jail source. “He’s grey and thin but he does keep fit by running on a prison running machine so he’s in decent shape.

“Brady on the other hand is a lazy chancer who pretends he’s up for a fight but in truth if Colin Howell had accepted his offer Brady would have s**t himself!”

Neighbour from hell Peter Brady

Brady finds himself back in prison after he was accused of pouring bleach on flowers and plants of neighbours he’d been harassing for years.

Having originally been granted bail by a judge last month on the basis she banned him from returning to the Bridge Street home where he has been causing havoc for years, Brady’s bail was revoked when the case was adjourned until September 2 and the bail address became unavailable.

Judge Bernie remanded Brady, who the court was told made “full admissions” to the police about the bizarre bleach behaviour, into custody adding, “There’s nothing I can do about that”.

We recently revealed how more than 20 residents have signed a letter asking for help to local MP Carla Lockhart who replied that she is looking into the case.

Last month the Sunday World revealed how the notorious nuisance had plagued his neighbours for years with a string of outlandish outbursts and false complaints to the police.

Cops became so fed up with Brady wasting their time they decided to prosecute him, deeming his constant fake claims of criminality as harassment.

Killer dentist Colin Howell not only confessed his grisly murders, but he also testified against former lover Hazel Stewart who is serving 18 years for her part in the double killing.

Howell later admitted to a string of sexual assaults against female clients while they were under sedation and received five and a half years for 12 offences against five women.

Behind bars he’s boasted that the Howells live to old age and he’ll still be able to practise abroad after his release, when he’ll be 73.

But his run-in with Peter Brady is not his first jailhouse bust-up.

Colin Howell

Howell had to be separated from his one-time jail pal Ciaran Nugent during a special awards ceremony inside Maghaberry Prison in 2019.

After almost coming to blows, Howell demanded the return of a Bible he’d given Nugent as a present after converting him to Christianity.

Howell and Nugent, who murdered friends Caron Smyth and Finbar McGrillen, had become unlikely pals behind bars and the God-fearing former dentist has talked the younger killer into embracing religion.

Sources say manipulative Howell – a former Baptist preacher in his spare time – even performed a baptism on Nugent, soaking his head in a jail cell sink.

Things turned nasty when the pair fell out in a very public spat at a jailhouse arts and crafts awards ceremony attended by members of the clergy.

Howell was unhappy Nugent had been given an award after it emerged Nugent had gone back to his old habits and was caught taking drugs.

Howell reportedly helps other inmates and even offers them relationship advice despite the fact his convictions for killing his wife.

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