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Dangerous driving 'Jekyll and Hyde' biker collided with patrol car and then ran off


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A quad biker who collided with a marked garda car and then fled on foot through private gardens was in "self-destruct" mode after splitting from his partner and turning to drink and drugs.

Richard Byrne (28) had to be subdued with pepper spray when gardaí tried to stop him.

He also claimed he did not know he needed insurance to drive a quad bike on a public road.

Judge Gerard Jones fined Byrne €700 and disqualified him from driving for two years.

The defendant, of Sycamore Drive, Tallaght, admitted charges of driving without insurance and dangerous driving.

The incident happened at Ballymount Road, Tallaght, on July 11 last year.

Garda Joseph Carroll told Blanchardstown District Court he was on patrol in a marked car when he saw a quad bike being driven in the opposite direction.

Gda Carroll said the quad bike stopped in the middle of the road.

The officer positioned the patrol car across the road and footpath so he could speak to the defendant, but there was a collision between the vehicles.


Gda Carroll said Byrne left the bike, fled the scene on foot and was chased.

The defendant ran through a number of private gardens before he was caught.

The garda said he was forced to use his pepper spray to make an arrest.

Gda Carroll said the quad bike was unregistered, and Byrne failed to produce his insurance documentation.

The court heard Byrne had three previous convictions, but none for road traffic matters.

Defence lawyer Jennifer Jackson said Byrne was "not in a good place" at the time of the incident and his behaviour was "like Jekyll and Hyde".

Ms Jackson said the defendant, a father of two children, had separated from his partner for a time and was "in self- destruct mode".

He had also turned to drink and drugs, although he had been clean since the quad bike incident and was not currently driving.

Ms Jackson said Byrne had previously been a carpenter and then a baker, and had not got into trouble with gardaí when he was busy working.

Byrne apologised to gardaí for his behaviour.