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Exposed: Face of thug jailed for nine months for repeated assaults on his pregnant partner

Jason Doyle was wearing a gold ring on his middle finger and this made contact with her head which cut and then started to bleed.

Jason Doyle.

Sligo Champion

A 28 year old man who repeatedly punched his partner during what Judge Keenan Johnson described as a ‘series of protracted assaults’ in her home was sentenced to nine months in prison at Sligo Circuit Court.

The court heard Jason Doyle, of Tower Hill, Ballymote, Co Sligo was charged with four counts of assaulting Karen Maguire causing her harm at the same address on January 10th 2021.

Mr Leo Mulrooney BL prosecuting with State Solicitor Ms Elisa McHugh told the court the accused was arraigned on October 18th 2022 and pleaded guilty to one count on a full facts basis.

The victim, who was pregnant at the time, received numerous injuries and photographs of same taken by her were present in court.

Garda Darra Pettit was outlining the evidence, led by Mr Mulrooney.

He said a statement from Ms Maguire sets out that she and Doyle were partners at the time in January 10th 2021.

She said there had been a disagreement between them earlier and a verbal argument had taken place.

Doyle was intoxicated and they had been arguing. She was pregnant at the time and he hit her across the top of the head with a closed fist with his right hand.

He was wearing a gold ring on his middle finger and this made contact with her head which cut and then started to bleed.

After he punched her, she went into the kitchen.

Doyle followed her and gave her an open handed slap to her jaw. She said she didn’t see it coming and there was bruising to her jaw-line.

Ms Maguire said the assaults all occurred between midnight and the early hours.

At one stage, she went into the bathroom and rang her friend.

Doyle came into the bathroom and punched her across the head connecting with the left side of her head near her eye.

He was wearing the gold ring which left marks just above her eyebrow, Gda Pettit outlined from the victim’s statement. In the bedroom he punched he on the back of her left arm and the back of the head.

Ms Maguire said throughout this she never retaliated to hit him back and she doesn’t believe she provoked it in anywa.

Gda Pettit told the barrister both himself and Sgt Whelan were investigating the photographs showed injuries to the left side of her face, a bruise to her temple region, an injury to her right leg caused by a kick, an injury to the top of her head from a closed hand punch and an injury to the right side of her jaw.

Mr Mulrooney said that Doyle was arrested and interviewed by gardaí on February 15th 2022 and the garda agreed and told him he denied the assaults. He also denied he was wearing a ring.

A medical report indicated soft tissue injuries to Ms Maguire’s face, head, left arm and both legs.

She was taking paracetamol to ease the pain for a number of days and she complained of headaches after the assault and of pain to the left side of her face.

She also said she was feeling low since the incident.

There was also cuts to the left side of her face and bruising to the right side of her jaw.

There was a bruise to her left arm. She was expected to make a full recovery in six weeks, the medical report outlined.

Gda Pettit also said there was not a Victim Impact Statement in court.

He outlined that Doyle had 86 previous convictions including assault (2), domestic violence, criminal damage (4), possession of a weapon, theft (6), Public Order and 64 for road traffic.

He was on bail when the assaults were carried out, the court heard.

Mr Colm Smyth SC instructed by McGovern and Walsh solicitors appeared for the accused. He said the considerable amount of previous convictions were road traffic.

He said his client was a man with a background of alcohol and substance abuse. He said since August he is now free of substance abuse.

Doyle, agreed with his barrister that these were very serious matters of acts of violence against a young woman.

He said he did realise the seriousness of his actions.

He said at the time he had relapsed from alcohol and he hasn’t drank or taken drugs since.

He was doing courses and starting a programme to overcome domestic violence and addiction.

Doyle said the move programme was based in Navan and he is starting it this month, travelling from Cavan to Navan. He said he was also doing a bereavement course as his father died last year aged 52.

Mr Smyth asked him if his victim was present in court what would he have to say to her.

Doyle said if the victim was there and he was allowed to speak he would like to apologise.

He said he was quite intoxicated and the argument started and he regretted what happened.

He said she didn’t deserve what had happened and he wanted to apologise to he.

He said he didn’t know if he wrote a letter to her that it would be accepted, so he didn’t.

He told Mr Smyth he is the father of three children who are not in his life at the moment. He said he wants to do good and would like to get them back in his life.

He said he had done a lot of things since abusing drugs and he is 28 now and didn’t want to spend all of his life in prison.

A Probation Report before the court said he is at a very high risk of reoffending.

Judge Johnson said that Doyle knew this case was pending and asked why did he commit further offences in May ‘22 in Ennis which included a breach of a barring order. Doyle said he had a big argument with his then fiancee. He said he was begging for a chance.

Mr Symth said the Probation Service said he is suitable for Community Service.

Judge Johnson said the background to the case was the accused was in an intimate relationship with the victim, Karen Maguire and was staying at her residence at the time.

A verbal argument had taken place between them and she was pregnant at the time.

Doyle hit her on the top of the head and his gold ring cut her head.

He then followed her into the kitchen and slapped her jaw, causing bruising.

This happened between midnight and the early hours.

He followed her into the bathroom and punched her and there were marks caused by the gold ring.

The victim indicated she didn’t retaliate to the assaults.

The accused said he only has partial memory from the incident and puts it down to his drug abuse and alcohol

Judge Johnson said it was a terrifying experience for the victim.

Especially given the type of physical assault carried out in her own home.

He said a message must go out that this type of offending will not be tolerated.

He said there must be a message sent out to anyone who assaults their intimate partner to deter others from doing so.

Judge Johnson said the aggravating factors in the case was the fact it was a series of protracted assaults which happened in the victim’s house, where she should have felt safe.

The judge said it clearly had a negative impact on her .

He said the Probation Report indicated Doyle had negative empathy and was at high risk of reoffending.

He had numerous previous convictions and had a chronic issue with drugs and alcohol. He was mixing with anti-social peers ground and showed a lack of empathy and a lack of structure in his routine.

These offences were committed while he was on bail.

He said the mitigating factors were the guilty plea, while it was very late. The Probation Report indicated he was remorseful and noted he had three children with three different partners.

He had a drug habit since 13 years of age and lost his father in 2021. Drugs and alcohol were the main issues.

Judge Johnson said the length of time the assault went on for and the fact the victim was in an intimate relationship wit the accused, a three year prison sentence should be handed down.

He said he was going to reduce this to two years in order to foster Doyle’s rehabilitation.

He said he was going to suspend 15 months for five years, with Doyle entering a bond to keep the peace and be under the supervision of the Probations Services for 18 months.

He was also to engage with various programmes and have no contact whatsoever with the victim.

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