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Sore loser Boozy Celtic fan made hoax bomb threat after his team lost to Rangers

It emerged Doherty had called 999 and had been caught on CCTV making a call on his mobile phone after his team had been comprehensively beaten.


James  Doherty

James Doherty

James Doherty

A drunken Celtic fan has been fined after he admitted to dialing 999 to make a hoax bomb warning to Ibrox after his team had lost to Rangers.

James Joseph Doherty, from Carnhill, Derry, made the shocking call in anger after his beloved football team had just been beaten 2-0 by their fierce Old Firm rivals.

This week the 34-year-old pleaded guilty to making the false alert after the Glasgow Derby on May 12 2019.

It emerged Doherty had called 999 and had been caught on CCTV making a call on his mobile phone after his team had been comprehensively beaten.

On Monday, District Judge Barney McElholm queried if Doherty had “managed to restrain himself” last Saturday when coincidentally Celtic were beaten by Rangers by the exact same score line.

The judge described Doherty’s behaviour as a “stupid drunken episode” as he escaped with a fine for the offence.

Celtic lost the match with Rangers players James Tavernier and Scott Arfield scoring the goals but Celtic fans were left feeling aggrieved after Rangers player Jon Flanagan escaped a red card for using his elbow in a tackle.

Doherty was angry at the result despite his side having won the Scottish Premiership at a canter weeks before meaning only pride was at stake.

Three weeks ago we called at Doherty’s home to ask him about his bizarre behaviour.


James  Doherty

James Doherty

James Doherty

However, after being asked if he’d like to comment on the case he slammed his front door shut, shouting “No”, as he did do.

Last Monday a prosecution solicitor told the court that Doherty dialled 999 and said there was a bomb in the stadium.

“CCTV footage from a bar along the Buncrana Road area of the city showed him drinking at the bar and making a call on his mobile phone,” the solicitor said.

“The call handler said, ‘I cannot hear what you are saying’, and the footage shows him taking the phone away from his ear.

“He was arrested after the mobile phone number was traced back to him”

It then emerged that Doherty had been so drunk at the time he couldn’t even remember making the hoax bomb alert.

“During his police interview he admitted he made the call but said he could not remember what he had said because he was so drunk at the time,” the prosecution stated.

Defence solicitor Stephen Chapman said the papers in the case contained a transcript of the call made by Doherty to the call handler in which he said: “I am only letting you know there is a bomb in Ibrox.”

The court was told the call handler replied that he was having difficulty in hearing him, to which Doherty replied: “Sorry, wrong number.”

The defence barrister said there was no full-scale follow-up operation by the authorities in Glasgow as the game had already ended.

The District Judge said while Doherty had 49 previous criminal convictions, all of them for copyright infringements, there was nothing on his record to show that he regularly engaged in such activity.

Judge Barney McElholm said: “I will put this down to a stupid drunken episode although if the call had been made during the match it could have caused a lot of disruption,” he said.

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