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OUTRAGE Baby killer Sharyar Ali a 'dirty monster', says mum of tragic tot Hunter McGleenon

We can reveal that Hunter would still be alive if authorities hadn't let Ali slip through their fingers - as he shouldn't even have been in the country


Nicole McGleenon with baby Hunter

Nicole McGleenon with baby Hunter

Nicole McGleenon with baby Hunter

Sick baby killer Sharyar Ali has been branded a "dirty monster" by the mum of tragic murdered tot Hunter McGleenon.

Nicole McGleenon described Wednesday as "the day I finally got justice" for the senseless murder of her adored baby boy.

Her ex-partner Sharyar Ali finally pleaded guilty to murder this week after a jury had already been sworn in.

The Sunday World can reveal that Ali not only caused the fatal injuries that killed defenceless 11-month-old Hunter - he also left him in his car for two hours alone while he went gambling in a casino.

And he did it all while he had been trusted to care for the bubbly baby while Hunter's mum sat at the bedside of her terminally ill grandmother, who passed away 24 hours before Ali first appeared in court charged with murder.

But we can reveal the beautiful baby boy would still be alive if authorities hadn't let 34-year-old Ali slip through their fingers - as he shouldn't even have been in the country.

We can reveal the Pakistani national was the subject of a UK deportation order as far back as 2015 - four full years before he took the life of Hunter, of whom at an earlier hearing a lawyer described Ali as being a "father figure" to.


Baby Hunter

Baby Hunter

Baby Hunter

But sneaky Ali fled his base in Manchester and headed to Co Monaghan in the Republic of Ireland as far back as 2014, where, incredibly, he was also facing deportation procedures.

And it has emerged immigration officials believe Ali not only took part in a sham marriage in England so he could stay in the UK, but the crafty killer also got a 'proxy' to take a language test on his behalf to help fool the authorities.

And we can further reveal Ali is due back in an Ulster courtroom on Tuesday as he faces a charge of breaching his deportation order on the night before he murdered Hunter.

It's known that Ali criss-crossed between Co Monaghan and Co Armagh with baby Hunter in his car throughout the early hours of November 26, 2019.

Court papers seen by the Sunday World show he's due to appear at Armagh Magistrates Court to contest the latest charge.

The exact charge states the: "Defendant on the 25th day of November 2019 being a person who is not a British citizen, knowingly entered the United Kingdom in breach of a deportation order or without leave, contrary to Section 24(1)(a) of the Immigration Act 1971."

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Having pleaded guilty, we can now report how during a failed bail application in 2020 there were allegations that Ali "used a proxy to sit a language test" and further that he used fake papers in his immigration application.

A prosecution barrister told the court: "The Home Office have learned there were false documents submitted as part of the immigration," adding that Sharyar Ali "was released on Home Office bail in 2015 to appeal a notice of intention for deportation and he voluntarily absented himself from the country at that stage".

On Wednesday Hunter's mum Nicole and other members of the family were present in Newry Crown Court to witness S haryar Ali finally confess to his terrible crime.

Ali was rearraigned and had the charge of murder put to him by a court clerk and he answered with a single word - "guilty" - sending Nicole McGleenon into floods of tears.

The brave mum has told this paper she didn't wish to speak about the case until after her Ali was sentenced.

But she took to social media to tell the world the good news that Ali had finally admitted he murdered her beloved son - calling Ali out for what he was - a "dirty monster".

She posted triumphantly: "Today is the day I finally got my justice for my son Hunter who was murdered by this dirty monster Sharyar Ali in 2019.

"He finally pleaded guilty after two years and five whole months."

She was immediately flooded with messages of support and congratulations from friends and well-wishers.

One friend wrote: "Best news I've heard in ages Nicole Mcgleenon. You've fought hard in memory of your precious baby son. Justice has been served and I hope now you can begin to move forward with your life and no doubt Hunter is with you throughout this journey and beyond. Your little Guardian Angel with you always ".

While another friend told Nicole: "God bless you, your little boy can now RIP he's looking down on you, he's proud and loves his mummy very much, you've done amazing I'm here for you any time."

It has emerged Ali had also been facing a further charge of assault on baby Hunter.

Although an offence of actual bodily harm was not proceeded with by the prosecution, his plea to murder was on the basis that he accepted the "full facts" of the Crown case against him.

Those facts, as Newry Crown Court heard this week, includes the horrific reality that in the 48 hours preceding his tragic death, beautiful little Hunter had sustained terrible injuries all over his body which are too graphic to repeat.

It's understood the deportation charge breach which Ali is facing on Tuesday relates directly to him initially crossing the Irish border into Co. Armagh, where he had agreed to look after Hunter in Nicole's home in the village of Keady.

But the depraved monster spectacularly failed in his duty and took the poor baby on several car journeys across the border.

Indeed, he told police he had left the baby in his car in the car park of a casino in Co. Monaghan while he was inside, with CCTV showing he left the baby for over two hours while he gambled.

It also emerged he left the child alone in the house for hours later on while he drove to Dundalk, Co. Louth, for what he claimed was something to do with his work.

Initially Ali had told police he had left the baby sitting on the sofa for a moment and the baby had fallen off and hit his head on the concrete floor.

Ali claimed he gave the baby CPR and gave him a cold shower and that had seemed to "revive" him.

He says he went back to sleep and woke at 9.30am when he received a parcel and said he noticed that the child had blue lips but previous court hearing were told that at no stage did Ali call for medical assistance.

Instead he drove the baby back to the family and told them the baby couldn't breathe.

The family rushed out to the car but found that Hunter was already dead.


Sharyar Ali

Sharyar Ali

Sharyar Ali

During his first interviews Ali changed his story on multiple occasions, according to the police.

Detectives obtained earlier CCTV footage of the accused travelling with the child to Dundalk in a "distressed state", a prosecutor at Ali's first court appearance explained.

She said from CCTV footage it appeared that he had entered a casino on the night and the child was left for two hours unattended in the back of a vehicle.

The infant's mother said at 3am she attempted to enter the property where they were staying but it was locked and she could not get in.

Ali later left the address where they were staying and travelled to Monaghan at 5am. His explanation was that he wanted to check that the post had arrived and once again Hunter was left on his own.

Ali has remained in custody since his arrest after a number of unsuccessful bail applications.

During one unsuccessful bail application, defence lawyers contended Ali could be released to his wife's address in Oldham, but when police checked this out it consisted of a flat above a shop, protected by a steel door.

No-one was present and the wife had not been seen there for eight months.

There were queries around whether Ali had taken part in a sham marriage "for immigration purposes" as it was disclosed he is facing deportation proceedings in the Republic of Ireland and did not have permission to remain in the UK.

Ali will be sentenced for the murder of Hunter McGleenon in June.


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