April 23rd, 2014

UDA chief begged headbutt victim Tracey not to testify

Northern IrelandBy Paula Mackin
Tracey Coulter was headbutted by Mo Courtney
Tracey Coulter was headbutted by Mo Courtney
UDA chief Mo Courtney assaulted Tracey
UDA chief Mo Courtney assaulted Tracey

UDA Boss Mo Courtney was so desperate to avoid jail he begged his victim not to give evidence in court.


The terrified loyalist leader vowed to leave mum of four Tracey Coulter alone if she agreed not to testify against him, sparing him the prospect of going to jail.

The pathetic terrorist, petrified of another stretch behind bars, was so desperate to keep his freedom he threw himself at the feet of the woman he brutally attacked.

Bully boy Courtney headbutted Coulter in the Shankill Road offices of the Lower Shankill Community Association in June.

She had gone to the offices to raise concerns about drug dealing in the area.

After an angry exchange of words Courtney headbutted his victim and 
threatened her, leaving with a badly swollen eye.

Yet Tracey Coulter refused to give in to the yob who beat her just days after she lost a family member to drugs – drugs that had been sold by Courtney’s UDA sidekicks.

“Mo Courtney then sent people round to my house begging me not to go to court,” Tracey told the Sunday World.  “he sent a message saying his word was his bond and that I would be left in peace if I didn’t give evidence.

“Is he serious, his word is his bond? He probably said that to poor wee Alan McCullough and look what happened to him.” 

Alan ‘Bucky’ McCullough was lured back to Belfast in 2003 by Courtney after he left Northern Ireland when the UDA moved against Johnny Adair’s notorious C Company.  

Courtney guaranteed McCullough’s safety but within weeks of his return he was abducted, shot and buried in a shallow grave on the outskirts of the city.

“I wouldn’t believe a word that came out of his mouth if he was standing in a stack of Bibles,” said Tracey. 

“The only thing I am sure of is that he is terrified to going back to jail .”

Last week Courtney  was handed a four month suspended sentence after pleading guilt to assaulting Ms Coulter. the judge warned him that his future conduct would determine if he would be sent back to jail.

The 50-year-old gangster, of Fernhill Heights in Belfast was also ordered to pay his victim  £500 in compensation for the assault that occurred last July.

“He should have been sent to jail, not just for what he did to me but for what he does to the people of the Shankill on a daily basis,” said Tracey. 

“He is a drug dealer,a housebreaker and a woman beater.

“That is the man who had the cheek to ask me to take his word as his bond. Like I said he probably said the same thing to Alan McCullough before they shot him twice in the head.”

Killer Courtney,  jailed for the manslaughter of Alan McCullough in 2008, has revealed to pals he couldn’t cope with another stint behind bars.

While in jail for his role in  McCullough’s death it was revealed that Courtney often spent days weeping in his cell unable to cope with the pressures of life inside the walls of Maghaberry Prison.

“Jail isn’t the same as it was back in the days when he was in Long Kesh and they ruled the wings and he knows that,” said a source. “He got a taste of what it’s like when he was in for Alan and he couldn’t stick it. He used to cry to the screws.

“He is absolutely terrified about going back inside, even if it was just for a few months. He has told people that he didn’t think he would be able to hack it. “

The courageous mum of four has paid the price for standing up to UDA and UVF bully boys like Courtney.

Just days after Courtney was convicted of assaulting her, and before he was sentenced, her home was broken into and set on fire.

She has been the victim of countless death threats yet she had never bowed her head to the loyalist paramilitary thugs who have waged campaigns of terror against her since her father Jackie was murdered in 2000.

Now she is calling upon others to follow in her steps and report the likes of Mo Courtney to the police.

“I would like to tell people who are being bullied by him to go to the police because what my case has proved is that he is far from untouchable and he can be stopped.

“For years Mo Courtney and all the rest of them have been protected by their police handlers but it’s obvious to me that they must have little use for him now, he is definitely in their sights. He is right to be worried about going to jail,” she said.

The Sunday World can also reveal Courtney is out of favour with West Belfast UDA boss Matt Kincaid.

Loyalist sources have claimed Kincaid is furious at Courtney’s recent actions and the fact they have drawn media attention.

“Matt is furious at Mo, things have been quiet for a good while and the media had lost interest in what they were doing but that’s all changed now because of what Mo did to Tracey and all that followed it,” a loyalist source revealed

“Matt hates the media spotlight being on them never mind the interest the PSNI now seems to 
have. He is blaming Mo for it all and he has made his feelings very clear.

At last week’s court hearing Mo Courtney’ laughingly tried to portray him self as a caring community worker. 

“Mr Courtney is still very much involved in community work and still involved in helping others in the local community,” his barrister said.

Last night Tracey Coulter hit out at the remarks.

“I know lawyers have to do their best for their clients but I am surprised people managed to keep their faces straight when that was read out in court. 

“Community worker, are you serious?  If terrorising people constitutes being a community worker than he must be one.

“Was he helping out a member of the community worker when I came to his office and he head-butted me? It’s a joke. Mo Courtney is an evil man ,” she fumed.