July 31st, 2014

Northern Ireland

Gun attack on police patrol in Derry

Dee Coleman

Dee Coleman for the chop

Roy McAuley

Anti-drug vigilante has dissident price on his head

Roy McAuley is leader of AAD and is murder suspect

One of the vehicles damaged in the attack

'Hate crime' attacks on homes and cars in east Belfast 'linked'

Courtney Cox poses with fan Raymond Harley

Courteney Cox suns it up in County Donegal

Tracey Coulter

Northern Ireland in grip of legal high 'Magic Dragon' epidemic

Northern Ireland 'ecstasy' deaths linked to Hungary

Kevin Murray

'Black hole' for NHS whistleblowers in Northern Ireland

Nowhere to go for staff who wand to report an incident

Man seriously injured in Newry stab attack

Derry man shot "by appointment" in Derry attack

The Russians are shifting drugs in Northern Ireland to fuel lucrative lifestyles

Russians step up drugs and extortion activity

Raymond McCord

Raymond McCord to stand down as victims campaigner

Maghaberry Prison

Security alert at Maghaberry prison

Alliance office bomb was a hoax

Hoax device was left at the east Belfast office on Friday night

Nine Britons on 'shot down' passenger plane

John Downey

Two more OTR letters sent in error

Lady Justice Heather Hallett

Judge reviews 'on the run' letters scheme

Lady Justice Heather Hallett was asked to investigate how hundreds were told they weren't wanted for Troubles crimes