December 23rd, 2014


NewsBy Sunday World
AUGUST 25, 2001:

Declan Gavin (20) stabbed to death by Brian Rattigan at a fast food joint in Crumlin, south Dublin.

JULY 16, 2002:

Joseph Rattigan (18), younger brother of Brian Rattigan, is shot dead at point-blank range close to his home on Cooley Road in Crumlin after a night out. Thompson gang believed responsible and Paddy Doyle -- later murdered in Spain -- one of the trigger men.

FEBRUARY 25, 2004:

Paul Warren (24) (left) St. Teresa's Gardens, Dolphins Barn shot dead in the toilets of a pub in Newmarket Square. Warren, a member of the Thompson gang, had been arrested in connection with the Rattigan murder. Killer believed to have been Rattigan gang member Gary Bryan.

MARCH 9, 2005:

John Roche (24) from Drimnagh shot dead in a street in Kilmainham by Thompson gang in revenge for the murder of Paul Warren.

APRIL 14, 2005:

Terry Dunleavy (26) from Ballybough, north central Dublin shot dead at a block of flats in the inner city. The bike used in the attack was later linked to the Thompson gang. The owner of the bike was later shot and seriously injured by the Thompson gang in a row over drug money.

NOVEMBER 13, 2005:

Thompson gang members Gavin Byrne (30) and Darren Geoghegan (26) shot dead as they sat in a car in Firhouse, south Dublin after arriving for a meeting. Initially thought to have been carried out on the orders of Brian Rattigan but detectives later suspect that the double murders had been carried out by the Thompson gang in a row over drug turf.

NOVEMBER 15, 2005:

Noel Roche
Noel Roche (27) (right) brother of John Roche murdered as he drove in a car in Clontarf, Dublin. He had been lying low on the northside because of the feud and had been spotted earlier at a Phil Collins concert by Thompson gang members. Chief suspect was Thompson gang hit man Paddy Doyle. Doyle's accomplice, Craig White was convicted and jailed for life last July.

AUGUST 19, 2006:

Wayne Zambra (21) shot dead in Cork Street in the inner city.A former Rattigan gang member, he was murdered by Rattigan's mob because he had changed sides and joined the Thompson outfit.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2006:

Gary Bryan
Gary Bryan (21) (left) from Tallaght shot dead as he worked on a car at his girlfriend's home on Bunting Road in Crumlin. He was shot a number of times as he ran for his life. When he fell his assassin finished him off with another two rounds in the head. Bryan had carried out the murder of Paul Warren in much the same way. He had walked free from court after successfully intimidating witnesses and undermining the State's charge of murder against him.

DECEMBER 12, 2006:

Eddie McCabe Jnr. (21) died after sustaining horrific injuries during a savage beating during which one of his eyes had been gouged out. McCabe, whose father was murdered by a gunman in 1995, is believed to have been murdered by the Rattigan gang.

OCTOBER 5, 2007:

Brian Downes
Car dealer and gangland money launderer Brian Downes (40) (right) is gunned down at his premises in Greenhills, Dublin. Innocent man Eddie Ward, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, was also gunned down because he had witnessed the attack. Downes was associated with the Thompson mob and had been one of those arrested and questioned about the John Roche murder.

NOVEMBER 14, 2007:

Seanie McMahon (35) shot dead as he lay in his bed at his home in Tallaght. A close friend of Brian Downes, the career criminal had vowed to avenge his pal's murder.

MARCH 13, 2009:

Shay O'Byrne (27) shot dead by a lone gun man in Tallaght. One of Rattigan's closest associates his murder is seen as a major blow to the godfather. O'Byrne's girlfriend, Rattigan's sister Sharon, was also injured as she attacked the killer.

JULY 17, 2009:

Anthony Cannon (26) shot dead in Ballyfermot. Another pal of Rattigan he was suspected of carrying out a series of shooting and bomb attacks on behalf of the murderer.