January 31st, 2015


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Shane's death 'nothing to do with me' says real target

THE gangster who dodged the hitman's bullets that killed Shane Geoghegan is back living on the street where the innocent rugby player was murdered. Convicted drug dealer Johnny McNamara is getting on with his life four doors away from where tragic Shane was gunned down.

The hood moved back in to the street after the men who wanted him dead were jailed. But when tracked down by the Sunday World this week, the callous thug expressed no remorse or regret for the man who was killed in his place in a case of mistake identity.

"That has nothing to do with me," he coldly said.

Revealed: Hitman's target is back living metres from scene of horror

ONE-EYED bandit Johnny McNamara looks like he hasn't a care in the world as he stands just metres from the site where Shane Geoghegan was brutally murdered in his place. These exclusive photographs show Johnny 'Pitchfork' McNamara outside his home in the Kilteragh Estate in Limerick on Thursday.

Convicted drug dealer McNamara is back living with his leopard-skin wearing girlfriend just four doors away from where rugby star Shane was staying when he was killed in November 2008.


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Tragic Shane was brutally murdered by the McCarthy-Dundon mob in a case of mistaken identity by killer Barry Doyle. Doyle - acting on the orders of psycho gang boss John Dundon - had planned to kill long-term rival and number one target, McNamara. However, Doyle mistook the innocent rugby player for McNamara to whom - as these pictures show - he shares only a passing resemblance.

Following the savage killing, Shane's devastated girlfriend Jenna Barry abandoned the home they shared in Dooradoyle. But while the innocent rugby player's family still struggle to deal with the heartbreak caused by his death, gangster McNamara is back living on easy street in the plush suburban estate in Kilterragh.

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When asked by the Sunday World if he had a message for the Geoghegan family, McNamara said the murder was nothing to do with him: "I don't have anything to say. I don't want to talk about it, it's nothing to do with me."

McNamara and has been described as having "more lives than an alley cat" and has narrowly escaped with his life on a number of occasions. In August 2006 his house in the Kilteragh estate was targeted by a gunman who fired several shots, hitting neighbouring houses. That time, McNamara escaped uninjured.

McNamara has been in a feud with the McCarthy-Dundon gang for the last 20 years, ever since a close relative of his was involved in an assault on a female member of the McCarthy clan leaving her without an eye. Ironically McNamara now has a glass eye himself after he was shot in the face by a rival gangster in their Southill stronghold. Before that he was badly injured when he was blasted in
the legs with a sawn-off shotgun.


One source claimed McNamara suffered the shotgun blast when he attempted to hide the weapon in his tracksuit. After Shane's savage murder, McNamara fled Limerick because of the threat to his life and relocated to Spain's Costa Del Sol.

A source said: "Johnny was Phillip Collopy's best friend and he was put up by the Collopys when he left Limerick.

"The gang are involved in running a bar in Malaga and McNamara was in there regularly.

"John Dundon was desperate to kill him and he only felt safe to return to Limerick when they were back behind bars."

McNamara is regarded as a key member of the Keane-Collopy gang and is no stranger to the justice system. He previously served a five-year sentence for possession of drugs with intent to sell and supply, despite there being a mandatory 10-year term for drug dealers caught with more than €13,000 of drugs He also got a four-year sentence suspended for eight years after being caught with a firearm with intent to cause harm at O'Malley Park in 2000 when he was also convicted of obstructing gardai.

Gardai believe the Dundon brothers placed a contract of €75,000 on McNamara's head in 2008. The contract was written on a
chilling note which was smuggled out of Wheatfield Prison and delivered to members of the McCarthy-Dundon gang in Limerick. The message was found hidden in a bedpost at the home of a gang member during a Garda search in October 2008.

It read: '75 Pitchfork. 75 SC blk jp pref morn.'

McNamara was nicknamed Pitchfork by his rivals because he had been stabbed with a pitchfork a number of years previously. The first part of the message indicated a price of €75,000 for the hit. The second part of the note - '75 SC blk jp pref morn' - referred to an instruction to kill Steve Collins for €75,000. Steve, is the father of Roy Collins, who was murdered by the gang in revenge for members of his family giving evidence against gang boss Wayne Dundon.


The businessman drives a black jeep and was more vulnerable in the morning time. Gardai believe Dublin man Barry Doyle agreed to kill McNamara under orders from mob boss John Dundon. Doyle (26), from Portland Row in Dublin, makes for an unlikely assassin. The dad-of-three had never come to the attention of the gardai until just before the murder and was not involved in organised crime.

However in February 2008, Barry's older brother, Paddy, was shot dead in Spain and he got sucked into the murky world of gangland. In 2009, Doyle was arrested in connection with the murder and following 20 hours of interrogation by two of the country's top detectives, Doyle admitted: "Yeah, I shot him."

However, Doyle subsequently retracted the confession and denied he was responsible for the murder.