January 28th, 2015

Net closing on gang of cop killers

Garda Donohoe
Garda Donohoe

THE GARDA investigation into the capital murder of Adrian Donohoe is concentrating on previous robberies conducted by the gang of five chief suspects around the Louth and Armagh areas. It is hoped that forensics gathered from up to eight cash grab raids will directly link the gang to the Lordship shooting, which was carried out during a botched robbery on a credit union.

Crime scene analysis coupled with a probe into a car theft ring used by the gang to secure getaway vehicles is expected to be the key to solving the case. It is understood that a number of people involved in stealing cars and then dismantling them after they have been used for raids have come forward to distance themselves from Garda Donohoe's murder.


The gang of five have not come forward and have been holed up in their native Crossmaglen, Co. Armagh. It is understood that all are car racing enthusiasts. The Sunday World has previously revealed how all have strong links to Crossmaglen GAA club.

Phone records show that all five mobile phones go off for a number of hours on the night of the murder, despite the fact that the gang have given alibis that they were at home eating Chinese takeaways and watching movies when the father of two was gunned down.

Gardai are confident all will be brought before the Special Criminal Court, but not for at least three to six months when a painstaking investigation is completed.

The gang, many of whom come from a long line of Republican criminals, are not described as organised criminals. Instead they are cocaine-fuelled young boy racers who have not strayed too far from home to commit their crimes.