January 25th, 2015

Court rules acid attacker should have eye gouged out and nose cut off

NewsBy Morgan Flanagan Creagh
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An Iranian court has ruled that a man, who poured acid over a young girl’s face, causing her to lose her sight and right ear, should be sentenced to having his eyes gouged out.

The acid attacker was allegedly told that he should also have his nose and right ear chopped off for committing the brutal attack.

News website Haaretz reports that the unnamed man was convicted last October for attacking the girl and the High Court in Iran publicly accepted mutilation as a punishment.

Reports from Mehr news agency state that a man had one hand and one foot cut off as punishment for an unspecified crime.

As many as 95 people are thought to have been executed in Iran this year, most of which were for drug offences, according to the UN human rights office.

Last year Iran executed between 500 and 625 people including two juveniles.

The dramatic rise in the use of the death penalty has dashed hopes for human rights reform under President Hassan Rohani