April 16th, 2014


InvestigationsBy Sunday World
Violent prisoner confesses to taking part in the murders of bar worker and mum-to-be in 1990s

A DANGEROUS prison inmate has sensationally confessed to helping out in the murders of missing women Jo Jo Dullard and Fiona Pender.

Christy Greene claims to have been present when Jo Jo and Fiona were kidnapped and killed.

The 31-year-old is serving a 14-year sentence for kidnapping and assaulting a young man he then left to die in a bog hole.

In a bizarre and tragic twist of fate his own sister, Marie Greene,was found dead in a midlands bog near Athlone last week and a man has been charged with her murder.


He greeted the news of his sister's death by slashing his neck and arms which left him "with bits of flesh hanging off", according to a Sunday World source.

One eye-witness told how he arrived at hospital with bin-liners covering both bandaged arms because so much blood was dripping

Jail bosses at Castlerea Prison had already told the extremely dangerous prisoner that he would not be allowed out to attend his sister's funeral.

In a statement he made last year, Greene claimed that his years of self-harming were as a result of his guilt over the murders of the two women.

He claims that the killings were carried out on the spur of moment with another man, a dominant figure, who has since died.

Both times he claimed they had been driving around in a bid to find properties to burgle but things had not worked out as planned.

Greene said he and the other man were together when Jo Jo Dullard was killed after she hitched a lift from Moone in Co Kildare in November 1995.

He told gardai how the 21-year-old pub worker panicked when she realised the van that they had picked her up in was not going in the direction of her home. But he said she was easily over-powered and murdered.


MYSTERY: Missing women Fiona Pender (left) and bar worker Jo Jo Dullard
He also claims her body was later dumped in bog. A third man, who he named, had been in the van but ran away when they stopped to dispose of her body, according to Greene.

Greene described a similar pattern when he claimed Fiona Pender was bundled into a van near her home in Tullamore.

She was aged 25 and seven months pregnant when she disappeared from the flat she shared with her boyfriend in the Offaly town on August 22, 1996.

Both families of the missing women have previously indicated their own theories about the disappearances which would rule
out Greene.

His various statements have also been investigated by gardai who found nothing to prove his claims, according to Sunday World sources.

Greene's most recent statement and previous claims have been investigated by gardai in Athlone. Cold case detectives at the Garda Serious Crime Review Team, headed by Chief Supt Christy Managan, are also aware of the thug's claims.

In the most recent statement, Greene said that he was confessing because he wanted the families to have peace in a bid to ease his own conscience.

He was interviewed by cops at Wheatfield Prison in Dublin last year over the statements he had sent to gardai in Athlone.

Late last year Greene was taken to an area of bogland near Athlone where he claimed the remains of the two missing women were buried.

BLEAK: Sealed off area of bogland where the body of Marie Greene was found
However, the plan for Greene to show detectives the area was called off when members of his family turned up, according to a Sunday World source.

Now aged 31, Greene would have been just 16 when he claims the women were grabbed and manhandled into a van driven by another man who has since died.

It is not the first time Greene has made claims about previous violent crimes and has sent written confessions to gardai.

The latest statements, however, were taken more seriously because of their detailed nature which included claims that in one case a hammer was used.

He also claimed that blood was washed from the inside of the van used the after one of the killings and that in one case they returned to a bog hole to find the dead woman floating on the surface.

He said that they then buried the victim nearby along with some of her belongings for which he gave descriptions in his statement.


TORMENT: Josephine Pender with photo of Fiona
Greene has a long record of violence both inside and outside the prison system where he has spent much of his adult life. He is currently serving a long sentence for an attack on a young male postal worker who was lucky to survive.

The teenager was forced to drive to a secluded bog by Greene where he was savagely beaten. The badly injured youngster was then thrown into a bog hole and his moped pushed in on top of him.

Luckily the boy's mother quickly alerted the gardai fearing that her son made have had a road accident. Officers spotted Greene walking along a road where they suspected the youngster may have driven and he immediately showed them the scene.

Greene was jailed in 2001 for 14 years for false imprisonment and is due for release next year. But he hasn't been quiet behind bars where he is kept in segregation and is always kept in a single cell.

In 2005 he used a prison-made 'shiv' to cut the throat of a convicted paedophile priest in Castlerea Prison. Former Marist Brother Christopher Cosgrove was released from hospital after the no-warning attack by Greene and transferred to a Dublin prison.

Cosgrove, abused young boys in Sligo over a decade ago while he worked as a teacher. Sixty-two-year-old Cosgrove was sentenced to eight years in 2005 after being convicted on 180 counts of indecent assault on six schoolboys aged between seven and 12.

Castlerea is the only prison in the country where paedophiles and rapists are held on the same landings as other inmates.