September 1st, 2014

New dissident group vows to wage a campaign of violence

Crime DeskBy Alan Sherry
Carlo Moloney was shot by members of new terror splinter group
Carlo Moloney was shot by members of new terror splinter group
Dissident leader James McDonagh
Dissident leader James McDonagh

A NEW dissident terror organisation has formed in Ireland and aligned itself to a political group set up by associates of murdered Real IRA boss Alan Ryan.

The Saoirse na hEireann group is suspected of already carrying out a pipe bomb attack and a shooting in north Dublin after a criminal gang tried to gun down a member of political group Irish Republican Voice (IRV), who was putting up posters in the area. 
IRV is now the political wing of Saoirse na hEireann, the Sunday World can reveal. And this week a spokesman claimed the terror splinter group has elected an “army council” to wage a renewed campaign of violence.
The group is suspected of carrying out a shooting hours after an IRV spokesman released a verified statement to the Sunday World on behalf of Saoirse na hEireann announcing a new armed campaign. Carlo Moloney (22), was injured in the leg and arm in a drive-by shooting in Ferrycarrig Park in Coolock at 6.45pm last Thursday.
At war: Scene of shooting in Coolock
Moloney, from Greencastle Avenue, was taken to Beaumont Hospital where he was treated for his injuries, which are not life-threatening. Moloney had no involvement in the hit attempt on the IRV member, but it is believed he was targeted because of his links to other people in the area. 
Republican sources claimed Moloney was shot by Saoirse na hEireann after a botched attempt on the life of an IRV member who had been putting up posters. The IRV was set up by murdered terror boss Alan Ryan’s pal James McDonagh following the infighting in republican circles after Ryan’s death. 
Shot: Carlo Moloney
McDonagh has been recruiting former IRA members from different factions, including the New IRA and Continuity IRA, into the grouping. Earlier this month he visited Portlaoise Prison to recruit former New IRA member Declan Geraghty, who is serving a sentence for possession of a firearm. 
McDonagh was accompanied to the meeting by his associate Trevor Conlon and a female connected to Geraghty. Republican sources claim he has also formed an allegiance with Dean Evans, who is in Portlaoise awaiting trial for the murder of former dissident republican Peter Butterly, who was shot dead earlier this year.
“They have been stepping up activity in recent weeks and they are clearly on a recruiting drive,” said a security source. They’re relatively small in numbers, but they intend to make an impact.”
Republican sources claimed they targeted Moloney to send out a message after someone made a hit attempt on an IRV member who was putting up posters in north Dublin.
It is claimed that a criminal tried to shoot the man putting up posters, but the gun jammed. 
Dissident leader: James McDonagh
However, hours before he was shot on Thursday, gardai raided the home of a known criminal and seized a 9mm firearm, ammunition and cannabis. The man is now facing a weapons charge. Security sources say the new dissident group was also suspected of being behind a pipe bomb attack on a Coolock traveller family during the week.
Members of that family are associated with the man arrested over the firearm. Shortly before Moloney was shot, a republican spokesman contacted the Sunday World to say IRV had aligned itself with a new terror group. The spokesman said they had aligned with Saoirse na hEireann who “recognised the political leadership of IRV”.
A spokesman went on to warn: “Saoirse na hEireann would also like to state that any intimidation or threats to our members will not be tolerated and will be met with severe military action.”
The Independent Monitoring Commission released a report in 2006 to say Saoirse na hEireann formed following a split in the Continuity IRA. 
The group was responsible for a number of bomb hoaxes, but was believed to have ceased operations in 2009.  However, in the statement the spokesman claimed the group had elected an army council and declared their “intention to raise arms in defence of our country and our people”. 
The spokesman added: “We demand the British government declare its intention to withdraw from out country and no more excuses are acceptable.”