January 28th, 2015

World's Youngest Murder Suspect - nine month old baby boy

Crime WorldBy Donal MacIntyre
Baby in dock for murder - nine month old is bailed as he fails to enter plea.
Baby in dock for murder - nine month old is bailed as he fails to enter plea.

A nine month old baby boy has charged with willful murder, resisting arrest, threatening Police and interfering in State affairs, but seemed blissfully unaware in court, as he sucked on a bottle of milk on his father’s lap.

The child, who is apparently unaware that he has made world criminal history as the youngest ever murder suspect was arrested by Pakistani Police in a raid involving at least 30 other suspects in a move, which observers suggest, is not  the Pakistani Justice system's finest hour.

Unable to enter a plea, there were some gurgles from the baby during the initial arraignment. 

The super ‘baby villain’, Muhammad Mosa Khan was charged on Thursday as part of a raid on suspected gas thieves in the city of Lahore, The Times of India reports.

Police have accused ‘Mosa’, his father and others of throwing stones at security guards in what others claim was a protest against shortages of electricity in the city.

Police say the suspects tried to kill security officers by throwing stones at them. But Khan’s father, Ahmed—who is also accused--  says the crowd was protesting an electricity shortage.

The child’s father said that the accusations against the group was a false claim and called upon the authorities to drop the charges.

The Judge has bailed the nine-month old baby after his name and age were read out in Court.

It is not known if the ‘dangerous’ defendant was able to understand proceedings but he was unable to enter a plea and has been bailed pending further action.

Pakistani Justice remained a laughing stock when the Judge said that he couldn’t dismiss the charges and placed the suckling baby on bail.

The Senior Superintendent of Police Rana Jabbar said there was a misunderstanding that led police to book the minor in the case and the assistant superintendent who filed the charges against the infant has been suspended but still Mosa, aged nine months remains on bail, The Times of India report.