December 20th, 2014

Woman buys car to crash it into shop

Crime WorldBy Jim Gallagher

A woman bought a new car just to crash it into a supermarket she didn’t like

June Ann Blocker rammed the car into the front of her local Kroger store in Kentucky the same day she bought it.

It was the second time she had done this in 15 years.

Blocker (52) appears to have a longstanding dislike of the American chain having once been an employee there.

The last Kroger store she drove into was in the same Kentucky town, Elizabethtown, but was a different shop.

Two people sustained minor injuries in the incident but no one was seriously hurt.

One witness said: ‘It’s crazy. I don’t know how she got her car through that front door and then past it.’

Blocker is now facing numerous charges, including drink driving and criminal mischief.

A friend of Blocker defended her, saying: ‘I knew about the incidents, but it never changed how I felt about June.

“I care about her, she’s always been a wonderful person to me and I want the very best for her.’