October 25th, 2014

Bad boy Leroy's Costa del Brawl

Crime DeskBy Nicola Tallant
Scum: Leroy Dumbrell back on the streets
Scum: Leroy Dumbrell back on the streets
Posing in prison
Posing in prison
Riot: Warren Dumbrell
Riot: Warren Dumbrell

Pumped-up thug Leroy Dumbrell was thrown out of Spain on Saturday after a holiday to celebrate his release from prison landed him back in the slammer.

Dumbrell grabbed a Spanish cop by the throat after a girl he had picked up in a bar made a panicked phonecall to say she was being raped.
The violent criminal, who once poured boiling water over a frail pensioner, was enjoying a two-week holiday in posh Marbella with a friend when his explosive temper ended his sun-soaked fortnight in a police cell.
Dumbrell (26) was released from prison just three weeks ago after serving a six-year term for blinding a bank worker in one eye during a vicious robbery.
The youngest brother of notorious prison rioter and murderer Warren Dumbrell had enjoyed a boozy night out this week when he returned to his apartment with his friend and two young women they had picked up.
The pair had partied from Wednesday evening into the early hours of Thursday morning, but his female companion got terrified of his behaviour and phoned cops to say he was trying to rape her. When they came to her aid Dumbrell flipped and attacked a police officer, grabbing him by the throat.
When cops arrived at the apartment, her friend told them that everything was all right, but she said she wanted to leave. An altercation ensued and Dumbrell attacked one of the police from Guardia Civil.
It is understood he was taken away and placed in a cell, but the frightened woman was too scared to press charges so he was prosecuted for the assault on the officer and fined. 
He was due to be flown home on Friday, but couldn’t make a flight, so officers were due to accompany him to Malaga airport yesterday to see him off.
Officers back home are disappointed that Dumbrell didn’t get locked up over the incident.
Detectives were briefed earlier this month on Dumbrell’s impending release. Three south inner city stations were put on high alert and were told that he had been recruited as an enforcer for Brian Rattigan’s mob behind bars, where he had forged tight links with the caged gangster.
Like his older brother, Leroy is one of Ireland’s most feared criminals and caused Mountjoy Prison to go into lockdown in August 2010 after he was moved there.
He was just 16 in 2002 when he carried out an attack on a disabled and learning-impaired couple during a New Year’s Eve celebration at a house in Maryland in Dublin’s south inner city.
At the house, Leroy and his pals ordered Nigel Reid to go and get them drink. When he came back, Dumbrell, who was armed with a shovel and a tumbler, hit him and then heated a saucepan of boiling water and poured it over the badly-injured man. 
Then Dumbrell and his friends turned their attention to a woman in the house who was suffering from multiple sclerosis. She was held down, bitten and stabbed before the trio poured lighter fluid over her and set her on fire. Dumbrell eventually extinguished the flames by pouring another pot of boiling water over her. 
Leroy was arrested and charged with the assault but was let out on bail, and the following July met Reid again, this time hitting him in the face and blinding him.
In Mountjoy he was accused of orchestrating riots. By February 2010, he was transferred to Castlerea and held there in solitary confinement for almost six months in order to maintain order in the jail.
Like his big brother, he took a High Court case challenging the regime under which he was being held. The Irish Prison Service decided to transfer him back to Mountjoy to a newly-opened area of the prison known as the separation unit.
His transfer prompted an immediate walkout by prison officers at the jail. Pumped up on steroids and standing almost six-foot-six, the beefed-up thug has repeatedly clashed with prison staff and other inmates.
In a show of his strength, he posed for pictures in his cell dressed as the blood-thirsty Rambo character played by Sylvester Stalone.
He has used his time behind bars to forge links with major criminals including some of those involved in the notorious Crumlin-Drimnagh feud.
Despite his tender years, he has amassed a staggering 105 convictions, including seven for serious assaults. His mere presence is a reminder that the band of blood brothers that are the Dumbrell family have not gone away and most locals have been dreading the day that Leroy was released to avenge the convictions of his brothers Warren and Geoffrey for the murder of Christy Cawley.
Earlier this month officers in Kilmainham, Kevin Street and Crumlin stations were briefed on his release and were put on high alert. However, his holiday in Spain may now have again ended his brief foray with freedom.