October 1st, 2014

Crime Desk

Children's Court Smithfield

Community threatens to decapitate boy over antisocial behaviour

Hunter: The controversial documentary will be aired tomorrow night at 10pm

Channel 4 airing controversial documentary on the 'paedophile hunter'

Channel 4 will tomorrow air its most important documentary of the year

David Costigan

Cops probe gang link in arson death

The pair are due again before the courts

Two due before the courts again in connection with Galway stabbing

Assault: Tomkins is arrested by police last December

West Ham player fined for assaulting police officer

West Ham defender James Tomkins has been fined £3,500 for assaulting a police officer

Charles Agosto

Police track chase suspect through his strong aftershave


Corrupt judge caught out in fake court sting

March was hit in the wrist and neck by a single bullet from a counterfeit Beretta

Teen (15) jailed for shooting dead girlfriend who brought him present

Abuse: Kincora Boys Home

'Rampant' sexual abuse of children at Catholic Boys home

Frere denies using his job to meet underage boys in India

British Airways pilot denies using job to have sex with underage boys

Post mortem gunshot wound

Hospital survey reveals gun victims' impact on resources

Report details suffering caused by ongoing feuds in Ireland's criminal underworld

11-year-old girl victim of revenge porn

The hostage was handcuffed and wearing what appeared to be an explosive vest

Hotel evacuated after man takes employee hostage

Jailed: James Guy Bull was witnessed having sex with the puppy

Man jailed for fondling and raping puppy

A Florida man was last week jailed for the 'vile' rape of a puppy

Dr Gary Farlow

Professor pleads not guilty after child porn found on laptop

Brehanna Gonzales

Woman lied to get kids out of house while she stole their games

Four school-kids fatally stabbed

The 70-year-old skipper

Cocaine smugglers believed to be father and son

A father and son are among five suspects arrested over an alleged plot to smuggle a €125 million cocaine haul into Britain during a nine-week transatlantic voyage on a luxury yacht

Woman beheaded by co-worker

Thomas McCarthy

Limerick man denies shooting pregnant mum in front of two kids

Security crackdown on Mexican cartels drive them into the oil business.

Mexican cartels diversifying into the oil business

Mafia enter the oil business stealing millions of barrels and making millions of dollars