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Zoe Lucker to return to EastEnders?

Zoe Lucker to return to EastEnders?

Zoe Lucker wouldn't rule out a return to 'EastEnders'.

The 42-year-old actress has just bowed out of her role as Reenie McQueen in 'Hollyoaks' but she's already thinking ahead to the future and has admitted she'd be open to making a comeback on the streets of Walford in the future.

The blonde beauty - who played posh businesswoman Vanessa Gold for just over a year in the BBC soap - exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Yeah I'm sure I would return, I loved playing that character as well. 'EastEnders' is a great show to be on. It was lovely."

But, for the time being, Zoe - who resides in Surrey - is keen to step away from the camera and spend some quality time with her eight-year-old daughter Lilly.

Speaking of her next move, she explained: "The difficulty is travelling and being away from home. I live in Surrey and 'Hollyoaks' is filmed in Liverpool. I love Liverpool, it's a great place but I kind of just wish it was down the road so that I can tuck my daughter into bed every night ...

"... I think because last year was just so busy, because I was backwards and forwards, and I felt guilty being away from home during the week, I think as a result of that, I think I'm going to kind of go, 'I'll play it by ear'. So I have no idea.

"My daughter starts a new school in September. A junior school, so then as long as I'm there for her, I have to fit everything else in around that I think."