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Zendaya's phone detox

Zendaya's phone detox

Zendaya is planning a mobile phone detox in 2017.

The 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' star shared her new year's resolutions that she hopes to stick to for the next 12 months and is hoping to stop herself from using her phone so much.

Taking to her official website, she wrote: "I'm definitely not the worst when it comes to looking at my phone. Like, if I'm chilling with somebody, I won't be staring at my screen the whole time.

"But my mom recently took a pic of me looking down at my phone when were out to dinner. She captioned it, "dinner with @zendaya and her phone." Sorry, mom! I just start scrolling and tune everybody out. Seriously, I've gotta do a detox. (sic)"

However, it might prove a little tricky as another one of her new year's resolutions is to stop ignoring calls.

She shared: "It's a bad habit, I know. But I get soooo many dang phone calls. I'll see I have a missed call and straight up won't respond for days.

"I just don't feel like talking sometimes. My manager will literally call me five times in a row and I will decline every time. But, I don't like to leave people hanging, so I'm gonna work on it! (sic)"

Elsewhere on the list was to stop eating ice cream for breakfast, to do her chores and to tidy up any mess she makes around the house.

She added: "Don't eat Haagen Dazs for breakfast! I do this on the regular and most of the time I'll eat my ice cream with a fork.

"My assistant Darnell will have a full on breakfast sandwich there for me and I'll go straight for the ice cream. It might be time to start eating real breakfast. Probably something that doesn't come in a pint."