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Zayn Malik: I'm a bad celebrity

Zayn Malik: I'm a bad celebrity

Zayn Malik says he is a bad celebrity "all round".

The 'Pillowtalk' hitmaker - who rose to fame as part of boy band One Direction - considers himself to be a "pretty s**t celebrity all round" and admits one of his least favourite things about his job is having to talk in front of crowds.

He said: "I'm a pretty s**t celebrity all around. But when it comes to TV, that's the worst. I hate the whole setup. When it's interviews like this, I don't mind. I'm just talking to a normal person. It's when you are fully glammed up and you're sitting with a hundred lights in your face and someone is asking you questions in front of a crowd of people - that's when it becomes a bit strange for me.

"I'm not a public speaker. I'm a singer. Those two things are very different in my brain. I'm not an extrovert in everyday life. I'm a performer. When it comes to stage I can sing and do that, but when I'm in normal-day life I'm very reserved. I guess that's my downfall."

The 23-year-old singer has a number of tattoos but admits there are a few inkings that he has kept private.

When asked if he has any tattoos no one knows about, he told Complex magazine: "I do. I've got a couple of Arabic writing tattoos and nobody knows what they mean.

"[They're] just for myself. That's why I wrote them in Arabic. Obviously some people can read Arabic, but the tattoos are in places that people won't necessarily see."