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Zayn Malik 'feels blessed' by life opportunities

Zayn Malik 'feels blessed' by life opportunities

Zayn Malik feels "blessed at the minute".

The 23-year-old singer is set to collaborate with luxury fashion designer Giuseppe Zanotti on a new footwear range, and Zayn admitted he feels fortunate to be in position where people are approaching him with such exciting opportunities.

He said: "I'm being very, like, blessed at the minute by God or whoever it is, fate or whatever, so um, there's a lot of offers come our way at the minute with different things to do with fashion.

"And hopefully I get involved in all of them. I'd love to just continually have a presence because I feel like it's very heavily tied into music and the image and the fashion, and it's all kind of one thing. So I guess you kinda gotta be in there, I guess."

Zayn, for his part, thinks his own fashion style is evolving all of the time.

He told GQ magazine: "It's about being happy to look a bit scruffy. I just got into the whole rock sort of feel to clothes - big boots, skinny jeans, and a dark T-shirt, and rings.

"Just the grungy feel ... Style is not being afraid to be bold about some things, or to say what it is you have to say."

Despite achieving worldwide fame, the 'PillowTalk' hitmaker previously revealed his family still make him take the rubbish out when he's home.

Zayn said: "My childhood was really protected. My dad didn't want me to go out, so I'd just stay at home playing video games.

"When I go back to Bradford they treat me exactly the same. It's why I only ever go back for a few days, otherwise they have me taking out the bins."