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Zachary Quinto has 'talked about' marriage

Zachary Quinto has 'talked about' marriage

Zachary Quinto has "talked about" getting married to Miles McMillan.

The 'Star Trek Beyond' actor - who has been dating the 27-year-old model for around two years - fuelled speculation they were tying the knot when he was spotted with a band on his ring finger and whilst the couple haven't got engaged just yet, they have spoken about the possibility.

Zachary told E! News: "I was just taking it [the ring] for a test drive, nothing formal. It's a vintage ring that I bought as a gift for Miles and because we were not together on this long press tour I was like, 'I am going to take that ring because I love it.' But the only finger it fit on was my ring finger on my left hand so I didn't think much of it.

"I am thrilled that we can [get married] and I fought really hard for the right to marriage equality. I am really grateful for the Supreme Court for passing it a year ago. We love each other and we talk about it, but we have no immediate plans."

Meanwhile, the 39-year-old star previously revealed he didn't come out as gay until he was at college.

He said: "The question of when I knew I was gay and when I accepted I was gay are two very different conversations. I suppose I knew what was going on. I just wasn't ready to look at it.

"In college, I'd say. [When he came out]. Once I broke free of the expectations of my upbringing, my socioeconomic exposure to ....I grew up with a pretty suburban, Catholic upbringing. I feel once I was able to create my own life and explore my own path ... um ... then I started to turn my attention to fully understanding and accepting who I am."