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Zac Efron's dog dies

Zac Efron's dog dies

Zac Efron's dog has died.

The 28-year-old actor has revealed "Puppy Efron" has passed away, and the 'Dirty Grandpa' star has taken to social media to pay tribute to his beloved Australian Shepherd, who has "always" been his "best friend".

Zac shared a picture of his dog in his arm licking his face on Instagram alongside a quote from Chance the Rapper's recent hit 'Finish Line/Drown' which contains lyrics about reuniting in the afterlife.

He captioned the post: "Through thick and thin you've always been my best friend. I'll see you at the finish line, RIP Puppy Efron.

"Felt hog tied ever since my dog died/ He lived to 84, damn, that's a long ride/ I know he up there he just sit and he wait/ I'll be racing up the stairs I'mma get to the gate singing' - Chance the Rapper (sic)"

The Hollywood hunk - who is best known for his lead role in the popular Disney movie 'High School Musical' alongside Vanessa Hudgens, who played his girlfriend Gabriella Montez - first announced he owned the four-legged friend in April 2012 when he first posted a picture of the animal as a newborn puppy, which he had four months before in December 2011.

Meanwhile, Zac - who has been single since splitting from his former girlfriend Sami Miro earlier this year - has admitted he wants a girl to ask him to be his boyfriend rather than the other way around, especially now he has lost his fuzzy-haired friend.

Speaking previously, he said: "I think it's fine for girls to ask boys out. I actually prefer it.

"You think you want a specific quality and you end up falling in love with somebody who doesn't have that at all.

"But you know, everybody is different and has qualities you need to accept."