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X Factor reject Lydia Lucy wows on The Voice

X Factor reject Lydia Lucy wows on The Voice

Lydia Lucy put her 'The X Factor' rejection behind her as she was voted through on 'The Voice' on Saturday night (16.01.16).

The 22-year-old brunette got through to the notorious Six Chair Challenge on the ITV programme back in 2013 before she failed to make it through to the live shows.

However, instead of returning to 'The X Factor', Lydia opted to showcase her talents on the BBC's rival show - and her gamble paid off.

After performing 'Trouble', judges, Boy George and Ricky Wilson all turned their chairs around - giving Essex girl Lydia the opportunity to choose between the three.

Lydia was quick to choose Black Eyed Peas singer will, so became the latest addition to his team.

Speaking previously about auditioning on 'The Voice', Lydia told MailOnline: "Instead of just singing cover songs like I did on The X Factor, I've recreated myself as an original artist. I've re-invented my image, styling and everything.

"I've gone on there as me and the kind of music I want to sing."

will also added to his team with auditionee Charley Blue, who impressed the judges with her skills at singing, rapping and playing the violin.

After her performance of 'Roll Over Beethoven', will, Ricky and George all turned, but Charley chose to join will's team, after even George advised her the singer would be the perfect mentor for her during the series.

George had an abundance of talent to choose from for his team, and ended up adding three contestants in the form of Melissa Cavanagh, Harry Fisher and Chase Morton.

Melissa, from Sunderland or, as she calls it, 'Funderland', showed off her vocal stylings having been singing since the tender age of just three. George was the only judge to turn after she performed 'Blame', so she was automatically in the Culture Club frontman's team.

The same went for Chase, the self described "singing martial artist", who impressed George with his performance of 'If You Want Me To Stay'. He was once again the only judge to turn so Chase was placed on Team George.

Paloma seemed more careful about who she pressed her buzzer for on Saturday's show, but it was Megan Reece's audition that really caught her attention and she was quickly added to her team.

Meanwhile, Ricky won a battle with fellow judges George and will over 38-year-old soul singer Janine Dyer to add her to his team.