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X Factor judges' categories revealed

X Factor judges' categories revealed

'X Factor' contestants discovered who their mentors are on Sunday's (18.09.16) show.

After a gruelling bootcamp, half of the acts were sent home while the others finally found out who will be in charge of their categories as the competition continues.

Simon Cowell revealed himself as mentor to the Girls, while Nicole Scherzinger takes charge of the Boys.

Sharon Osbourne has the Overs category and Louis Walsh was given his favourite section, the Groups.

Meanwhile, the newly-added 'wall of songs' brought even more drama to the bootcamp process.

Simon explained: "There are 50 songs, each song is repeated three times. You select the song you want and then you will match up with the other two acts you're going to end up with.

"When you're working with whoever you are working with, work as a team, but also understand that they are your competition as well."

Girl group Skarl3t abandoned their fellow performers Kayleigh Marie Morgan and Tinuke to rehearse alone, claiming they had been "stuck with parts of the song we weren't familiar with".

While Skarl3t impressed, Simon called them "a nightmare to work with".

James Wilson also caused chaos when he disappeared before he was due on stage.

The contestant left his fellow performers Samantha Atkinson and Rebekah Ryan in trouble when he left the audition venue at Alexandra Palace in north London in order to go back to the hotel after his nerves got the best of him.

However, he managed to make it back on time to perform and the trio impressed the judges, with all making it through to the Six Chair Challenge next week.