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Wiz Khalifa's son inspired clothing line

Wiz Khalifa's son inspired clothing line

Wiz Khalifa's new clothing line is inspired by his son.

The 'See You Again' hitmaker - who has three-year-old Sebastian with his former partner Amber Rose - has unveiled the BASH By Junk Food capsule collection, which he says is "very personal" to their family.

He said: "All the designs are based around Sebastian - all of his hobbies and the things that he's into. I just really wanted it to feel personal to him, so when he sees it, he gets excited.

"He's 3 years old, so he might not understand the concept of having his own clothing line. But the fact that all of his favourite things are all over his clothes, it makes him feel special; it makes him entertained by what he's wearing.

"My favourite piece was probably the pumpkin sock because he loves pumpkins so much. He's really into Halloween and spooky things, and the fact that we were able to pull off a pumpkin design was really cool."

And the 29-year-old rapper also revealed his son has inherited his sense of style.

He added to People magazine: "I shop with him a lot, and we match often. He's definitely got my sense of style. Everybody tells me how fresh he usually looks, from store-bought stuff, so we're making his own stuff now."

Explaining his own style, he added: "I always liked to dress fun and comfortable, and if anything, it's grown up with me; it's just gotten more mature as I've gotten older. I like to be able to quick grab something and go. Something I've learned having a son is to be able to get dressed and be happy with your outfit and do it fast."