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Wiz Khalifa's mum hates his tattoos

Wiz Khalifa's mum hates his tattoos

Wiz Khalifa's mum hates his tattoos.

The 28-year-old rapper has numerous inkings on his body, including one on his face, and he admitted his mother isn't a fan of the artwork.

He told Britain's ELLE magazine: "My mom hated it. She hates it every time I get one."

Although some famous lyrics of his include references to women as "b***hes" and "hos", the 28-year-old star shared that he actually thinks females are "the smartest creatures on earth".

And the 'Black and Yellow' hitmaker - who has three-year-old son Sebastian with ex-wife Amber Rose - would never disrespect the women he cares about by using such language about them.

He said: "I love women. I look up to women. Women are smart. They're the smartest creatures on earth. They need to be empowered and respected. But some of the women we see in our [hip hop] community - a lot of the ones that we talk about, who we don't have respect for - are the ones who come out in the music. That's why you hear those words..."

"It means that I probably met some b***hes in my life who did some things. There are women in the industry who use what they know to get ahead. We use our words, they use their bodies - it's an understanding. I would never call my mom a b***h, my little sister a b***h... I would never disrespect a woman just because she's a woman."