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Wiz Khalifa rejects Amber Rose's sex suggestion

Wiz Khalifa rejects Amber Rose's sex suggestion

Wiz Khalifa isn't interested in being Amber Rose's "rebound" lover.

The 29-year-old rap star - who was married to the curvaceous model until earlier this year - has taken to Twitter after Amber revealed she recently had a "f***ing horrible" threesome and suggested she would turn to her ex for sex.

But Wiz hit back, saying: "Not here for your rebound after your threesome. Only peace and love @DaRealAmberRose. (sic)"

Amber, 32 - who shares a three-year-old son called Sebastian with Wiz - revealed recently that it had been six months since she was last intimate with a man before her threesome.

She explained: "I'm a busy girl. Maybe I'll just call my baby daddy over tonight, get a little something."

Amber also previously said she is having "sleepless nights" after her first threesome.

She shared: "We kinda just got together; it was a guy and a girl and it was f***ing horrible. It was the worst. It was horrible. I am literally having sleepless nights. I felt the pressure, getting older, to experience new things and I did it against my better judgement because I talk about sex a lot.

"I hated it. Because I feel like I am a very passionate lover and I like that one-on-one passion. With the threesome I felt like there was no passion. There was no kissing and rolling around. All those moments were not there. I won't do it again. Maybe if it's two guys but not with another girl."

Prior to that, Amber - who dated Kanye West before marrying Wiz in 2013 - also admitted she can't remember how many men she has slept with in her life.

She said: "I'm 32-years-old - I've been around the block a few times. I'm not going to sit there and count."