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Winona Ryder's parents give her fan feedback

Winona Ryder's parents give her fan feedback

Winona Ryder gets feedback on her on-screen performances from her parents.

The 44-year-old actress stars in the supernatural series 'Stranger Things' and although she does not follow the reaction of online critics, she is aware of the show's popularity courtesy of her parents.

In response to the fan reaction to her latest on-screen role, she said: "It was definitely overwhelming.

"I have a pretty good system, I'm not on the internet that much, but my parents are, and they forward me the good stuff. They've always sort of been like that."

Indeed, Winona claimed the reaction to 'Stranger Things' has been more positive than she usually witnesses, admitting it has been "humbling".

Winona - who plays the part of Joyce Byers, the emotional mother of a young boy who goes missing - told 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': "It's always like, 'Oh, Winona Ryder gave a good performance,' or something like that, but with this, it was different.

"It's been incredible. It's been amazing, overwhelming, humbling."

'Stranger Things' is available via Netflix, and Winona has become the face of a recent price hike from the streaming service.

She said: "The day that the show was coming out, I got an email from [Netflix] saying the price was going up to $12.99.

"And it was like, there was an ad for the show with my face. It's dangerous but great! I binge watch."

In the show, Winona's character spends the much of the series in tears - but the actress still enjoyed the shoot.

Winona said: "It was a very fun shoot, but it was a weird fun because I'm quite old school in my approach.

"I'm allergic to the stuff they blow in actor's eyes sometimes when they're out of liquid in their body. You have to really be hydrated to be able to cry that much."