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Will Young's money worries

Will Young's money worries

Will Young worries more about money now than when he had "less to lose".

The 'Brave Man' singer has found the"stress" in his life has increased because he constantly finds himself "wanting and feeling he needs" more but is trying to change his outlook.

He tweeted: "Thought for the day......Thought for the day. I find it interesting how whatever I earn the things I then possess can become a form of stress

"I find myself wanting and feeling I need more.Almost a noose around the neck - creating stress about money . When - when I had a 10th of that there was less to lose and therefore worry about.

"My lesson of the day for Myself is 'everything is nothing at the same time--nothing is reflective of or effective on the beauty of the soul. Which lives eternally' I like it.(sic)"

And the 36-year-old star was quick to reassure his fans his comments didn't mean he was "on drugs" or under some other influence, nor did it mean he was ungrateful for the trappings of his success.

He added: "I'm not on drugs.x

"And haven't turned to a religious sect. Well I don't think so anyway

"Incidentally this is a spiritual reflection not material and by no means moaning. Many people have very very little and I never EVER feel A lack of gratitude (sic)"