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Wayne Coyne: 'Miley is amazing'

Wayne Coyne: 'Miley is amazing'

Flaming Lips rocker Wayne Coyne believes Miley Cyrus could simply stand on stage and her fans would cry with happiness.

The 54-year-old musician and the Wrecking Ball singer have formed an unlikely friendship, which led to the band joining Miley for eight shows as part of her Milky Milky Milk Tour. Wayne is constantly amazed by the 23-year-old's talent and insists she doesn't need to do much to get a reaction from the crowds.

“We’re only doing a handful of shows, I think it was our best idea,” Wayne told Entertainment Weekly of the tour, which ends in Los Angeles on 19 December (15) and also features Dan Deacon. “That way it’s not 100 shows, which you have to think ‘Oh, f**k’ and decide something you’re going to do 100 times, and it’s not insanely giant places.

“Playing the shows is so easy, because her fans, they just love her so much. I say it jokingly, but it really is true: She could literally go out there and stand there for two hours, they’d look at her and cry, and she could walk away and not sing one note - and they’d be happy.”

A majority of the songs performed are from the blonde star's latest album, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. Full of tracks dedicated to her deceased animals, the singer decided to release the record independently, away from her contract with RCA Records. This is just one of many reasons Wayne is impressed with Miley's outlook on her career, as she makes an effort to take things into her own hands.

“It’s hard just living your life when you’re 23,” he added. “Then trying to make all these mega-decisions that have to do with money and people’s jobs and art and all that at the same time, it’s a lot for someone to take on. But she has this desire to be like, ‘I want to be the one that says, ‘Here’s what the show is.’”

Miley and the Flaming Lips have recorded music in the past, which Wayne believes made the whole tour more relaxed.

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