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Victoria Beckham's spinach diet

Victoria Beckham's spinach diet

Victoria Beckham only orders steamed spinach when she goes out for dinner.

The 41-year-old fashion designer has been slammed as "uptight" by Wolfgang Puck, though the chef loves it when her husband David Beckham visits his Los Angeles eatery CUT because he enjoys a steak and a chat.

He told heat magazine: "She just eats steamed vegetables. David is there with a steak and she's there with vegetables. She's uptight.

"Everything has to be right, she's not interested in talking to anyone, but he's very friendly and will talk to anyone. She has to put her face on, 'It's my game face'.

"She orders, saying, 'I want some spinach, just a little touch of salt, not too much.' "

Wolfgang went on to heap further praise on "chic and elegant" former soccer star David.

He said: "I know David very well. He comes to my restaurants when he's in LA. He comes all the time and we talk and talk. He likes the steak.

"He looks so chic and elegant but he's a very straight eater - nothing fancy. He comes with his family or with his manager, Simon Fuller."