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Tyra Banks taking cooking lessons

Tyra Banks taking cooking lessons

Tyra Banks is taking cooking lessons for her son.

The 42-year-old businesswoman and her partner Erik Asla welcomed son York via a surrogate in January and Tyra has recently enrolled on a cooking course because she wants to be able to create delicious meals for him.

She shared a picture of herself at the course on Instagram and wrote: "I have never been one to be very excited about cooking. I put all of my energy into my work and to succeeding, so instead of cooking, I eat at restaurants all the time, order in, or defrost frozen food in my microwave. That all changed the day my son was born. I do not want him to grow up thinking that cooking is what happens only in fancy or fast food restaurants. I do not want the only cooking he witnesses to be when he turns on his television and sees famous chefs create masterpieces.

"I want to be his chef. I want him to go to college and miss his MOMMY'S masterpieces. I want all of his friends to be fighting to come to his house to sample his mother's culinary creations. So, I did something about it. I enrolled in ad intensive Boot Camp at @theculinaryinstituteofamerica in St. Helena and I have to say, it changed my life (sic)."

Meanwhile, Tyra recently revealed motherhood has helped improve her business as she has learned the art of delegation.

She said: "Well, I'm on maternity leave right now, just taking a break. I really now am empowering my team. I'm understanding delegation, understanding that I don't have to do everything to make something successful.

"I'm on maternity leave and my cosmetics line Tyra Beauty is kicking butt! It just goes to show, empower and empower others and you can grow."