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Tyga's life changed when he became a dad

Tyga's life changed when he became a dad

Tyga looks at "everything differently" now he is a father.

The 26-year-old rapper admits his fast-paced lifestyle has changed dramatically since he and former girlfriend Blac Chyna - who is expecting a baby with fiance Rob Kardashian - welcomed their son King Cairo into the world in October 2012.

He said "[King] has changed my life a lot.

"He makes me step back and really enjoy life.

"That's what life is about. You bring something into the world like that, your whole world kind of stops. It slows down and you look at everything differently."

The 'Rack City' hitmaker thinks being a parent is a "great accomplishment" and he loves how similar to him his little boy is.

He added: "It's just a great accomplishment to have a mini version of yourself.

"You don't owe the world anything, but when you bring a beautiful child like this into the world, you know that you've got a lot to live for."

But Tyga - who recently split from Kylie Jenner - is having to be cautious about what he says as King is beginning to repeat what he hears.

He told People magazine: "You've got to be real cautious on what you say and things like that.

"But as he's getting older and going to school, he's around other kids so now his personality is just ... like, he's learning words I've never heard him say. This is crazy!"

The rapper has a fairly simple parenting style which he applies to his little boy as he wants the youngster to have the space to make his own mistakes.

He said: "He's going to learn things, he's going to make mistakes.

"I want to let him be a kid and explore what he likes.

"You just got to have a lot of faith in what you do. Every situation is a learning process, and you evolve from everything ... it's just really all about evolving and sticking with what made you."