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Tulisa Contostavlos: 'I'm no party animal'

Tulisa Contostavlos: 'I'm no party animal'

Tulisa Contostavlos claims she is no longer a party animal.

The 28-year-old singer is preparing to release her first new single in almost two years and insists that these days she is a completely different person, who prefers juice retreats and yoga to partying.

She said: "I'm not the Tulisa I was before, I'm into my nutrition, I'm eating super healthy, I have no carb weeks. I still indulge because I'm a foodie and I'm a cook as well. My best dishes are really rich meals, but during the week I'm really healthy, I juice now. I went to this juice retreat and basically wanted to kick start everything, myself mentally, my metabolism, my body and get ready for the comeback.

"When I have work coming up I'm like train, train, train and when I've got two weeks off, I won't do anything. Luckily, because I've trained so much over the past few years and changed my lifestyle, I've kept muscle memory so it's very easy for me to come back.

"Now I've really benefitted from a healthier lifestyle and understanding it's not that I can't eat what I want. There are healthier options for everything. Even though I say no carbs in the week, I have carbs but instead of having chips or rice, I have bulgur wheat and sweet potato. It's about finding healthy alternatives."

Tulisa - who announced her new single, 'Sweet Like Chocolate' with Akelle from WSTRN today (30.08.16) - also praised her fans for sticking with her during some troubling times, including when she found herself caught up in a drugs scandal, which ended with her walking free from court when the trial collapsed.

She told Notion magazine: "They are just so protective, I can do no wrong and even when I was at my worst time, going through my worst situations publicly, the true fans, not once did doubt me or judge me before they knew the whole truth. It was a real amazing feeling when the truth came out. For them they felt like they had a reason to be holding on all along."