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Tracy Morgan's purpose for living

Tracy Morgan's purpose for living

Tracy Morgan thinks he survived a near-fatal road accident to care for his daughter.

The 47-year-old comedian - who has two-year-old Maven with wife Megan Woolover - is convinced God had a "reason" for letting him live after the crash in June 2014, which left him with a traumatic brain injury and broken leg and killed his friend James McNair.

He said: "I survived that crash for a reason. I'm still here for a reason. I guess my room wasn't ready. Who knows? Maybe He kept me here to raise my daughter, raise my family."

And though he's still recovering from the trauma of the accident, Tracy is feeling very happy with his life.

He told Barbara Walters for her '10 Most Fascinating People of 2015' special: "Happiness is simply having something to look forward to.

"[What do I look forward to?] Grabbing a mic, to going home and seeing my daughter and my wife: All of that makes me smile, so it makes me happy."

The '30 Rock' star revealed he was blind for a week after the crash, and though doctors have told him he hasn't sustained long-term brain damage, he isn't convinced.

He said: "When you take a bump like that on the head, I don't think everything's going to be there 100 percent."