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Tony Bennett's regret about Amy Winehouse

Tony Bennett's regret about Amy Winehouse

Tony Bennett regrets not talking to Amy Winehouse about addiction before her death.

The 'Back to Black' hitmaker tragically passed away in July 2011 from accidental alcohol poisoning and the 90-year-old singer wishes he could have told her that she was his "idol and a once-in-a-lifetime talent" before she passed.

He writes in his book 'Just Getting Started': "Should I have told her that I'd contended a little bit with [drugs and alcohol] myself and knew how you can fall into a bad cycle, but I also knew that you could bring yourself back?

"Would it have made a difference if someone she considered an idol had said to her something like, 'You're my idol. You are a once-in-a-lifetime talent. Please don't take that from the world.'"

And the 'Lady Is A Tramp' singer praised Amy for her "engaging, funny and charming" nature.

He added: "Amy was engaging, funny, charming, and utterly professional but a little bit shy. She said she was nervous because she had never recorded a song with someone she considered to be one of her idols."

Meanwhile, singer Adele previously opened up about her adoration for Amy.

She said: "If it wasn't for Amy and 'Frank,' one hundred per cent I wouldn't have picked up a guitar, I wouldn't have written 'Daydreamer' or 'Hometown' and I wrote 'Someone Like You' on the guitar too.

"Contrary to reports, me and Amy didn't really know each other, we weren't friends or anything like that. I went to Brit School and she went for a little while. But a million per cent if I hadn't heard 'Frank' this wouldn't have happened. I adored her."