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Tom Sizemore charged

Tom Sizemore charged

Tom Sizemore has been charged with three misdemeanour offences after being arrested on domestic violence charges in July.

The 'Black Hawk Down' actor was apprehended on July 19 for allegedly attacking his girlfriend, and the Los Angeles' City Attorney's Office have confirmed he has now been charged with intimate partner abuse, intimate partner battery and making terrorist threats.

If convicted on all charges, the 54-year-old actor faces up to three years in jail.

An arraignment hearing is set to take place on September 15.

Last month, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office declined to file felony charges in the case.

Tom was reportedly arrested after the Los Angeles Police Department responded to several calls reporting a woman screaming, and it was claimed the actor had struck the alleged victim on the head and face.

A few weeks before the alleged incident, the actor accidentally mowed down a stuntman with a Cadillac Escalade while filming scenes for 'Shooter' in Santa Clara, Los Angeles.

Eight crew members tried to lift the heavy vehicle off the stuntman but were forced to call in a jack to free him.

The unknown man, who had sustained a number of serious injuries, was later airlifted to hospital by helicopter.

The horrific incident is currently being investigated by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, which deals with work-related injuries, and a report will be released at a later date.

'Shooter' is the TV adaptation of the 2007 action film of the same name and is due to premiere in the US on July 19.

The forthcoming American series is based on the novel 'Point of Impact' by Stephen Hunter and sees Ryan Phillippe portray, a top Marine sniper called Bob Lee Swagger, who disappears after a mission goes horribly wrong.