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Tom Parker wants backpacking honeymoon

Tom Parker wants backpacking honeymoon

Tom Parker's dream honeymoon with fiancée Kelsey Hardwick would be a backpacking trip around the world.

The 28-year-old Wanted singer would love to take off after their forthcoming nuptials and travel around the globe for half a year exploring different countries.

The 'Glad You Came' hitmaker exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I would like us to go backpacking for six weeks around the world. I think that would be really good.

"When I was travelling with the band we got to see some really amazing places but sometimes it was a bit in and out and I never got to see certain things in certain places.

So I'd like us to go backpacking, that would be pretty cool."

Meanwhile, the hunky pop star he thinks it would amazing if Kelsey got pregnant during the honeymoon period and would love to name his future child after a place he visited like the Beckhams did with Brooklyn.

He said: "Six weeks, it could be a honeymoon baby.

"Oh my God, imagine, it could be where it was conceived that's what we could call it - isn't that what David and Victoria did with Brooklyn.

Maybe ours could be called Maldives - Maldives Parker."

Although he's keen to organise the honeymoon he's happy to leave the wedding plans to Kelsey as he thinks it's one for the ladies.

He said: "I think wedding day is for both of you but predominantly the woman knows what she wants as her ideal wedding day to be.

"I feel the man goes along with it, the woman is particular about what she wants on her wedding day - she's got this image in her head of what she wants her picturesque wedding to be so I'm just going to let her crack on with it and be in the background."

Tom previously said he hopes to get married sometime next year.