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Tom Hiddleston gives Taylor Swift a confidence boost

Tom Hiddleston gives Taylor Swift a confidence boost

Tom Hiddleston has given Taylor Swift a confidence boost.

The couple have only been dating for a few weeks but things have already gotten serious and smitten Taylor, 26, has told friends that Tom, 35, makes her feel "completely free".

A source told "When she's with Tom, she feels completely free to be herself and doesn't feel like she has to hold anything back. Tom really encourages her to be as authentic and as true to herself as possible. She feels like he really values her feelings and her opinions. He's incredibly supportive and she feels more confident within herself."

And Tom is even inspiring her music.

The insider added: "She now wants to take that same confidence and apply it to her music and to her songwriting. With Tom, she feels like she can do anything, that anything is possible. She's never felt this way before with anyone. She's on cloud nine."

Taylor and Tom have not been dating for long but they have already been spotted at her home in New York, meeting her parents in Nashville and his mother in Suffolk and on a romantic trip to Rome where they have been openly flaunting their romance.

Taylor started seeing Tom - who she met at the Met Gala in New York in May - immediately after her split from Calvin Harris and friends say she is throwing herself into the relationship because the 'Thor' actor is exactly her type.

A source previously said: "Tom checks off a lot of boxes for Taylor. He's hot, smart, talented, British, everything she's into. What's not to like? She's going with it and why shouldn't she? They have been bonding over the industry, their childhoods, where they are from. It's the getting-to-know-you phase. Taylor is just happy to have the time to meet someone new and move on from Calvin."