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Tom Fletcher's water babies

Tom Fletcher's water babies

Tom Fletcher's sons have been learning to swim.

The McFly singer may be busy working on his music career with his band but he always tries to make time to take two-year-old Buzz and 10-month-old Buddy - who he has with wife Giovanna - to their classes, and his oldest child is already very confident in the water.

Giovanna said: "I love taking him swimming. Buzz loves swimming, he loves jumping in.

"Tom has been taking Buzz swimming since I got pregnant so for the first year he's been in control of it so I went with Buzz the other day while Tom took [their other son] Buddy and just seeing how confident he is in the water, he literally just throws himself in, it's pretty amazing."

However, when the couple - who have been together since they were 13 years old but didn't get married until 2012 - are busy with work, they enlist the help of Giovanna's brother Mario Falcone.

The 31-year-old author said: "Mario is very, very hands on."

And Buzz and Buddy have an extra playmate at the moment, because Giovanna's sister and her family are currently staying with them.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "My sister has just had another baby as well and she's living with us so there's three children in our house at the moment. They're getting their house renovated.

"It's different because I think when it's your niece, it's a love I haven't experienced before.

"I don't think having Summer - her name is Summer - in the house has made us broody because we just enjoy that moment of having my niece in the house and watching my sister go through that."