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Tom Daley can't decide on wedding venue

Tom Daley can't decide on wedding venue

Tom Daley and his fiancé can't decide on where to get married.

The Olympic diver - who took part in the Rio Games last month in Brazil winning a bronze medal - and his beau Dustin Lance Black have started discussing their nuptials but can't agree on where to get hitched as the athlete is desperate to have the ceremony in the US - home to the screenwriter - and Lance wants it in the UK.

Tom - who was born and raised in Plymouth, South West England - told The Sun newspaper: "I want to get married over there [in the US] and he wants it over here [in the UK], so who knows? I am having a couple of months off. We have not completely started planning the wedding yet."

But, although they can't agree on the wedding location, the 22-year-old hunk and his love have agreed that they'll tie the knot next year.

Tom said earlier this month: "It's going to be next year. We haven't planned a thing yet. It's our post-Olympics project, something to look forward to."

Meanwhile, although they've still got to get their big day organised, the couple have already started thinking ahead to the future and Tom can't wait to have children with the 42-year-old director when he retires from the pool.

He said: "It's not a question of 'if', just 'when'. I've always said I'll keep diving as long as my body lets me, but the beauty of being an athlete is you retire young and you've got your whole life ahead of you.

"Once I've finished with diving there are going to be other avenues I'd like to explore. Family has always been a massive thing to us. It's what we want."

The couple first got together in early 2013 - a few months before Tom announced his sexuality via a YouTube video - and got engaged in 2015.

They now live together in London.