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Tom and Giovanna Fletcher's sons growing up fast

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher's sons growing up fast

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher's sons are growing up at "frightening speed".

The McFly singer and his novelist wife can't believe the time has already come for eldest child Buzz, two, to move to a "big boy bed" and for four-month-old Buddy to move out of their room and into the nursery.

Giovanna revealed: "The moment your baby moves from your bedroom into the nursery is pretty monumental, and this week we were not only faced with Buddy doing just that, but also with Buzz moving from the nursery into his new bedroom with his brand new big boy bed (it's shaped like a tent and is the coolest thing I've ever seen).

"It was a clear reminder that our boys, my two babies, are growing up at frightening speed. In many ways it feels like we've only just brought Buddy home, yet it's also odd to look back at old videos with Buzz on holiday or around the house and not have that smiling (occasionally wailing) bambino with us.

"Time is moving forward. I would've loved to have delayed addressing the matter a little longer, but the fact Buddy had started to pull himself up on the side of the Snuzpod (undeniable attempts of escaping) showed us it was clearly time for things to change."

Giovanna admitted the transition has been much easier than she expected, and she and her husband are relishing having their own space back.

She continued in her blog for HELLO! Online: "My biggest surprise has been the ease of it all (so far... Touch wood!). Buzz is just in love with his new bed (as are we all) and Buddy is in awe of his new surroundings. There's still time for it to fall to pot and chaos to erupt, but as the moment me and Tom are revelling in the fact we can get ready for bed with the light on and without creeping around in fear of waking up the baby."

And though the 31-year-old writer's "heart aches" from being separated from her sons, she is refusing to give in to her urge to visit them in the night as she is treasuring having quality time with her husband so much.

She said: "My heart aches at night when I think of my boys across the hallway. Even though I know they're both sleeping soundly, I want to go into their rooms and hug them - cover their faces with kisses to show them how much I love them... But I won't. Because now I can read a book in bed, pee with the bathroom door open or actually have a conversation with my husband while we're getting ready for bed. Aaaaah... (Still miss you boys!!)"