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Tom and Giovanna Fletcher plan to take placenta home

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher plan to take placenta home

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher are planning to take home her placenta once she's given birth.

The couple are expecting their second child very soon - a sibling for 23-month-old son Buzz - and are making final preparations for the baby's arrival

McFly songwriter Tom has set aside a plastic tub to store the placental sack that the tot will have been carried in for nine months.

In a joint Instagram and Twitter post of him holding the container, he wrote: "You will never guess what this Tupperware box is for ... #placenta (sic)"

After drawing some comments telling him he was over-sharing, Tom tweeted: "OK it's probably a little early on a Monday for placenta related tweets. Sorry."

Although the musician didn't reveal what he and his wife have planned for the placenta, some new parents like to plant it with a flower or tree as a symbol of life, while many mothers turn the placenta into pills and take them to provide an energy boost while nursing, increase breast milk production and potentially prevent post-natal depression due to the nutrients that are packed in the sack.

Giovanna has also shared that she plans to have another hypnobirth birth - a type of labour-coping method which helps women have as natural a childbirth as possible, using self-hypnosis and breathing techniques to cope with the pain.

In her latest blog for, she revealed: "As you may well know already, I had a fantastic hypnobirthing experience when I gave birth to Buzz. While I know no two labours are the same, I'm eager to be filled with the same positivity and calmness this time round. So Hollie De Cruz from London Hypnobirthing came over this weekend for a little top up session. It was so gorgeous. Me and Tom both fell asleep on the sofa - that's how relaxed we were."